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Journey Toward Habit

One of the biggest challenges in my life has been establishing life-changing habits. I've had the desire, good intentions and plenty of tries, but have often come up short on the ultimate step. This poem is my attempt at romanticizing this journey as one would through the process of dating to eventually find their soulmate.

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Another brilliant poem - I'm smiling even now as I write this comment. Just keep writing - your poems must give many others the same pleasure as they give me.

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I Finally Met Habit

Doug W Benson © more by Doug W Benson

Published by Family Friend Poems January 22, 2024 with permission of the Author.

I'll never forget when I first met Desire,
The feelings I had; my heart raging with fire.
She helped me believe all things were in reach,
As long as I had her to guide and to teach.

I fell for her passion like never before,
But the lack of her action left me longing for more.
So the flame soon extinguished as fast as it lit,
And I moved on just knowing that I couldn't commit.

So I kept searching.

Miss Good Intentions then entered the scene,
I was fully consumed by her hopes and her dreams.
The words she would tell me; future lives we'd envision,
Our plans and our goals were laid out with precision.

But we argued too often, Good Intentions and me,
The "I should's" and "I want to's" ruling the themes.
Ideas that would, sadly, never come to fruition,
So, she stayed firm believing and I left with ambition.

And I kept searching.

Days bled into weeks and then weeks just flew by
And after some months I was set up with Try.
I fell head over heels for Try's declaration:
"Attempts and failures are life's education!"

But excuses got stronger as failures increased;
Self-discipline dwindled and willpower ceased.
So, my stubborn soul said not to settle with Try
Knowing someone out there was unsettled as I.

And then I finally found her.

With the zeal of Desire; the hope of Good Intentions,
Living Try's motto without apprehensions,
And faith in me for the life I'd inhabit,
It all came together once I finally met Habit.

For Habit doesn't have wandering eyes,
She holds me accountable; catches my lies.
She sees my potential that I don't see,
Of growth sustainable, healthy and free.

So, I surrender my heart at the dawn of each day
And let Habit preside, often leading the way.
Fully committed; forever we'll be.
I'll never leave Habit as Habit's in me.



Doug William Benson has been a practicing physical therapist since 2007. His areas of interest and expertise are in geriatric and neurological rehabilitation including stroke, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury. His newfound love for poetry and expressive writing comes from the recent rediscovery of various poems he wrote in junior...

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What a clever, inspired and well written poem. I have an on-again, off-again relationship with Bad Habit. I know he's no good for me but the flesh is weak lol.

Doug, you are such a gifted writer and I am loving every one of your poems. I'm so glad you found your way to FFP.
Best wishes,

Thank you so much for the kind outreach, Cynthia, as "I Finally Met Habit" is a personal favorite of mine! I appreciate it more than you know, especially coming from a poet that I admire so much. As we all are I'm sure, I'm still in a learning phase with poetry as it's only been within the last six months that I've truly immersed myself, but poets like you have been essential to my progress. Certainly not all have been or will be hits and connect with others, but I'm sure loving the process and learning so much!

I agree with Ann Stevenson and I'm sure many others that it would be nice to learn more about you personally on your profile, especially being one of the top poets within the FFP community :) I absolutely LOVE the Junk Drawer and The Bear With No Hair, amongst others! Brilliant!!!

Best Wishes and thanks again!

Another brilliant poem - I'm smiling even now as I write this comment. Just keep writing - your poems must give many others the same pleasure as they give me.

Ann, you're too kind but it's much appreciated as I have the upmost respect for your work! This poem means a lot to me. I'm sure you met and held on to Habit long ago!

Writing and sharing has been so cathartic for me... so yes, I have goals of submitting many more poems this year. Certainly all won't be hits and/or connect with others but I'm sure learning a lot as I go! Your feedback has been essential so thank again!


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