I Love You Poem

I Will Always Love You

This poems is to my fiance that I love very much and always will!

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I really love him, but he never understands it. He cares for me, but he will never ask me. He prays for me but never tells me. He is the one I can never let go. He is the one who has stolen...

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Remember That

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Published: November 2009

I will always love you.
Remember that.
You can push me away,
but I'll always come back.
You can deny your desire and say it can't be,
but I won't let the walls come between you and me.
You're afraid of your dark side,
the harm you could cause.
I have never feared your hands
or their sharp, pointy claws.
I love them,
I love you,
I love all that you are.
Protest all you like,
but you will not get far. 
You can never change my mind.
My heart will stay true. 
I'll do everything I can to get closer to you. 
I will wait for you forever,
so get used to that fact.
I will always love you.
Remember that.



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  • Shaz88 by Shaz88
  • 9 months ago

This is a lovely poem for someone to say how you feel about them. I miss my ex-partner as we broke up 4 months ago.

  • Hans by Hans
  • 2 years ago

I lost someone, and it's been 7 years since I've last seen her. Every day I think of her. I loved, loved her to bits. I just hope he looks after her. That's all that matters to me now. Love you still!

  • Prachi Singh by Prachi Singh
  • 2 years ago

I really love him, but he never understands it. He cares for me, but he will never ask me. He prays for me but never tells me. He is the one I can never let go. He is the one who has stolen my heart. He is the one who is the beat of my heart. He is the flame of my candle. He is hero of my life. He is the one I never get tired of talking to. He is the one who is my love.

  • Clare Stubbs by Clare Stubbs, Derbyshire
  • 3 years ago

Wow! This could have been written for us! Things are difficult at the moment, and sometimes I wonder if we will ever have the chance to be together, but I will always, always love you, Mark. Remember that.

  • Alexis Feltman by Alexis Feltman, Florida
  • 4 years ago

Me and my boyfriend got back together and I sent this to him and it made him very happy again.

  • James by James
  • 1 year ago

The words of love like this touch your heart and make love strong. I'm happy for you both that you're back together.

  • Emma by Emma, UK
  • 4 years ago

Beautiful poem and exactly how I felt and still feel about my late sweetie. He died last year of alcohol related liver failure. He pushed me away towards the end and said some things, which I now know was due to his illness and him being scared. He is gone but I will always love him and never gave up on him right till the end. He was my everything.

  • Oweh Gabriel Olugbenga by Oweh Gabriel Olugbenga, Lagos State
  • 6 years ago

I am in love with a girl that my family doesn't want me to marry and this is a girl I have loved all my life. She mean everything to me, please what will I do?

  • Shona by Shona
  • 7 years ago

It has happened with me. The so called "Love". I love him more than anything now. I am scared to lose him. He is my everything, my life, my world. All I have in mind is him. No one can stop me from loving him. I am helpless, I can't stop it. I think this is true love. My wish is that he will always be with me by my side loving me truly as I do....

  • Amy by Amy, Dallas
  • 9 years ago

Run- run as fast as you can as you cannot change the dark side of him- it will ALWAYS be there lurking and you will always try to fix him. Which will lead you to heartbreak and regret. No doubt you will always love him, but trust me there will be chaos and you will be left in the dust with your life turned upside down and he will be gone.

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