Sickness Poem

Poem About Feeling Alone And Self Pity While Sick

A poem about a person who is sick and nobody calls to check in.

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In My Dreams

© more by Mashudu Nemukula

Published by Family Friend Poems August 2009 with permission of the Author.

Despite my health,
You opted not to call me
Just to know if I was alright.

When I gazed at myself,
Sleeping helplessly in much pain,
I wondered where your love, care and support were.

My eyes kept starring fixedly on my cell phone,
Thinking that it would ring,
And I would hear your healing voice.

Showers of tears began to flood from my red eyes
Onto my white pillows,
Until they were all wet.

My mind crawled on something very special,
Something that ever turned my heart around,
But nothing could conquer the flame of my burning heart.

Then I thought quickly,
That it's only when days are dark,
That friends are always few.

My heart never stopped pounding the whole night;
Until God had mercy on me,
And miraculously laid me to rest


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