Beauty of Nature Poem

Changing Seasons

An original form created by Susan A. Capozzi
April 2020
Two verse minimum, 6 lines per verse, in iambic tetrameter (8 iambic syllables).
Lines 2 and 5 breaks at the fourth syllable, swap, and repeat with each other,
creating the rhyme scheme a-B-A-b-a-A-B-b as follows:

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In Season's Trust

Susan A. Capozzi © more by Susan A. Capozzi

Published by Family Friend Poems January 26, 2024 with permission of the Author.

Enchanted woodland's changing themes,
all seasons drift through moonlight streams.
Warm, cozy nest waits newborn gift,
sustaining life when Nature deems.
Through moonlit streams all seasons drift ...
moon's guiding light in constant shift.

Bespeckled sprigs of Columbine,
with umber-brown of Prickly Pine.
Li'l critters forage mossy ground;
creations' callings intertwine.
Of Prickly Pine, with umber brown,
huck-berries lumber, bears surround.

High mountains seep cascading sky,
earth's liquid soul meanders by;
a vital life force, greatest role,
clear flowing rivers satisfy.
Meanders by, earth's liquid soul,
through forest greens to grassy knoll.

Soon, songbird's distant silhouette
urge amber leaves to pirouette.
'Pon tapestries of Autumn eves,
all living things fear frostbite's threat.
To pirouette, urge amber leaves ...
grey mouse descends 'neath fallen sheaves.

Each mammal's hidden, now enclasp;
fierce, bitter gusts howl winter's rasp.
Life prospers, bending to adjust
the changing winds, within Earth's grasp.
Howl winter's rasps, fierce, bitter gusts ...
four seasons shift ~ bear nature's trust.


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