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Poem Reflecting On Life's Fleeting Moments

I lost my best friend this year to breast cancer at the age of 28. I wrote this poem about how precious time is and how quickly it passes. I didn't want to write about her death, though I have. I wanted to convey the message of how quickly time passes, to reflect that message with the hope that it will encourage people to take what time they have and make the most of it.

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In The Blink Of An Eye


Published by Family Friend Poems June 21, 2023 with permission of the Author.

Fleeting eternity
surrounds the mountaintop,
nestled in a lush green valley
time forgot.

We're born, we learn,
and sometimes we weep.
No thought of time,
it quietly creeps.

Stones skimmed
through freshwater streams.
Breathing the harmony
of childish dreams.

We frolic, we flourish,
often in haste.
Time saunters by,
ample to waste.

Where seconds seem
to have immortality,
distant clouds tick to the beat
of our destiny.

We aspire, we desire,
we love and fulfil.
Time, we notice,
hasn't stood still.

It unravels
and unleashes.
It's sentimental,
yet sprightly releases.

We respired, we loved.
The winds of change blew.
Time we pursued,
yet it silently flew.

Gently fade into the
midnight hour of peace.
Our dreams immersed,
their flickers cease.

Ashes will carry
on a summer breeze.
Floating skyward
beyond the willow trees.

From earth to heaven
with God's grace and a prayer.
Listen to your heart,
you can find me there.


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