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Purpose Of The Journey Of Life

Being a traveler, I always try to find a hidden meaning out of everything. I have a million questions and am trying to find my answers in this journey of life.

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My Journey

© more by Krutika H. Deshpande

Published by Family Friend Poems March 2021 with permission of the Author.

I am a lost traveler like a million others
Having no destination and no direction
With rocky road and no companion
And still I wander and wonder
All I seek is the purpose of my journey

Sailing through the boundless ocean of love
Walking through the dark forest of thoughts
Flying high in the infinite sky of hope
Climbing the mighty mountains
All I seek is the purpose of my journey.

While capturing the memories in Polaroid
And experiences in my heart
While living a lifetime in a moment
And cherishing that moment for a lifetime
All I seek is the purpose of my journey

I am just a puny creature in this journey
Wanting to unravel the universe
Amidst all unsolved puzzles and questions
That even the wisest can't answer
All I seek is the purpose of my journey

Deeper when I understood and wiser I became
I realized my question has no answer right
Making every page of life worthwhile
And finding a new adventure in every chapter
Maybe that's the purpose of my journey!


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