Depression Poem

My mother passed away a month ago. Since then I have been fighting depression.

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Invisible Advantage


Published by Family Friend Poems December 2015 with permission of the author.

The world around is falling
Life is vanishing
People run past
The cries they scream are gone
Souls already lost

The nights grow longer
Alone becomes physical pain
Searching for someone
Silent calls for help
Loud calls for help
Soulless replies

Tears fall uncared for
Souls have I told of this inner despair
Never to see the nightmares
Eyes are closed

So small am I
I'm not even here
Days follow days
Nights follow nights

Years have passed
Years that will cease to come
Invisible pain thus mocks
Rain falls down from drooped eyelids
Head bowed in shame

Mind broken and shattered
You can't hurt me Mr. Sorrow
You can't hurt me Mr. Fear
You can't hurt me Mr. Power
The shattered soul

The Invisible advantage


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