Depression Poem

Reaching Out For Someone To Care

Sometimes feeling alone can mean many things. Expressing ourselves through poems can also be an attempt at reaching out for help. I hope this poem reminds people of that, because it isn't meant to create more sadness, but to remind that there is ALWAYS someone who cares.

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I know that my post is late, but I hope--by some miracle--you will discover it. I am much older than you, and I, too, have experienced a life that is void of human companionship. It is my...

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Published by Family Friend Poems September 2016 with permission of the Author.

It's hard sometimes to say exactly what I'm worth.
Sometimes even harder dealing with the hurt.

To feel like no one's there during all my pain.
I have nothing left to lose and nothing left to gain.

I struggle through the days, with no one at my side,
To find some sort of worth, to save a little pride.

But all my days are dark, stormy, cold and gray,
And emptiness keeps growing as I slowly fade away.

I have no effort left to put into this life,
No helping hand behind me to pull me to the light.

So once again I ask, before I leave this Earth,
Tell me, if you care, exactly what I'm worth.


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  • 3 years ago

I fully associate myself with your frustrations. I have been there before and I know how it feels to lose even those that you thought would be supportive to your course. I know what it means to feel unwanted even by the closest of friends and sometimes family members. Very heartbreaking and scary. But it happens, in oft times. However, there is hope my dear friends. There is a way. There is a mechanism to get yourself out of this mess. Self Belief. Yes, I said self-belief for a reason. Trust and strongly believe that you got everything that is needed to remain happy. And you will have me later to thank for this break through. It is possible. It is doable.

  • Sherrel Stringfield by Sherrel Stringfield
  • 5 years ago

Honestly, poems, music, anything other than negative human companionship are the only things I can turn to for company and comfort. It doesn't matter who or what title certain people go by: friends, family, lovers. They all treat me the same, like I'm some burden they're forced to deal with. And I'm sick of it. I just say screw it and push them all away. There's no point. I can tell that I'm the unwanted one. It's not something people have to voice aloud. Their actions speak louder than anything they could ever say, and it hurts twice as much. That's why i just want to hurry and move away as far away from them all as I can. Just cut them all off and give them the pleasure of not having my company. I just wish to stay alone, secluded in a dark place where no one else can hurt me and vice versa. I won't have to listen to the constant criticism and hurtful remarks. I'll probably still always be in pain, but anywhere is better than here, with them.

  • Miranda by Miranda
  • 5 years ago

I truly pray for all of the wonderful people to be okay now. They are going to have a wonderful life.

  • Joshua Langstaff by Joshua Langstaff
  • 5 years ago

People say I'm hopeless. That may be true, but when something is not right I don't have any more feeling in my life. If you are feeling like you’re hopeless or nothing about your life makes you happy, tell a doctor or someone.

  • GRThomas by GRThomas
  • 5 years ago

I have read the poem and I can relate. I have also read each of your stories. Briefly, a little about me--I took early retirement from my career. I was an English teacher. I was diagnosed as bipolar, and I take more medication than I need, as prescribed by my doctor. The irony of the situation is I am still depressed. My point is--I still feel like I am holding on by a thread at times. I can relate to each of your stories. The only reason I told you about my career is to let you know that it doesn't matter what you achieve in life--it doesn't make a difference how you feel. Every day I would wear many masks before going to class. I am sure my students never knew how I felt. But truthfully there were days it took everything I had to get up. I am determined that I must be here for a reason, and I have no doubt that each of you are like me--you, too, have a reason for being here. As much as I feel like giving up, please fight the good fight--don't give up! You don't know me, but I care.

  • Thamani by Thamani
  • 5 years ago

I relate so much to what you say. Like you, I am holding on for dear life on a fine thread that cuts with each movement I make. I try to wear the smiling and happy masks. I'm skating on very fine ice that melts with every sunrise.

  • Stelly by Stelly
  • 5 years ago

This poem made me cry because I understand it too well...

  • Leomie Naylor by Leomie Naylor
  • 5 years ago

I can't remember a day I haven't suffered with mental illness. I feel so alone. It started getting really bad 4 years ago. I cut my body, pulled my hair out, and took my pills. I won't go into the triggers, but my two children get me through and make me smile. I suffer with emotionally unstable personality disorder, anxiety, and depression. I've just got to keep fighting that invisible fight.

  • Tamara by Tamara
  • 6 years ago

I’ve lost my partner, and since the passing, I’ve found myself falling more and more, deeper into my depression. I’ve tried so many things to try and get out of it, but everything just feels like a Band-Aid, just a short cover up. I’ve tried talking to people, but I feel like no one cares, and then I shut down and shut down mentally and every other way. Poetry was helping for a while, but not too much anymore. I feel as though I’m just here to suffer. I carry a lot of hurt and anger. I know it’s weighing me down. Everything is getting to me, and I don’t know where to turn before it’s too late. I’ve tried a few times to take my life, but I’m still here. Every day is a battle to face another day. All the pain I carry I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. It’s eating me alive, slowly from the inside out. Doesn’t anyone else see it? I’m tired of wearing my mask, the fake smile, the fake laugh. I wanna scream. I’m lost in depression.

  • Jordan Greene by Jordan Greene
  • 6 years ago

I haven't been feeling much lately. I'm not sure what it is, if it's anything or everything. I'm alone. I tell people, but I'm still here by myself. I used to cut, but I don't anymore, only for the simple fact that I can't find anything to do it with. I know I want love. I don't want to forget what it's like. It's hard finding it, and I get to watch each day all the people around me experience it. Love isn't just a feeling for me but more of reassurance that I won't be alone forever.

  • GRThomas by GRThomas
  • 5 years ago

I know that my post is late, but I hope--by some miracle--you will discover it. I am much older than you, and I, too, have experienced a life that is void of human companionship. It is my deepest prayer and hope that you will never experience this as I have. Consequently, I will tell you that I have reached, at times, some of the lowest points of my life. While it is my utmost prayer that this will change for you, I will tell you that it is not in any way a defining moment in your life's journey. I have screamed, cried, and blamed, but the ultimate "relief" finally came when I decided that there was a glimmer of hope when I chose to live instead of die. I cannot tell you that you will "feel" better all the time--in reality, I don't--but I do feel the reassurance that life is worth living and that maybe tomorrow will be a little bit better. Don't give up; I am determined to keep going--no matter how depressed I feel or how lonely I get. There "truly" is another--better--day! Gary

  • Alissa by Alissa
  • 6 years ago

You're not alone. I'm here for you even though you posted this a while ago. Your poem really touched me. It really made me cry and think about everything. Thank you so, so much!

  • Mics G Soguilon by Mics G Soguilon, Philippines
  • 6 years ago

I have been all alone mentally. No one knows what I'm going through. Even my parents. They don't know anything. I wanted to ask for help, but I think they'll just laugh at me or not listen to me. But in the midst of my pain and darkness, I saw a light. I know God listens to my cries and hears my voice of help. Right now, I'm still in the midst of depression, but as long as there is God, there is someone I can rely on.

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