Abuse Poem

I was sexually abused for 12 yearsof my life. One of the healing aspects, I believed, was the anger I had to address, and sadly, it was really hard for me and my mother. My stepfather admitted to all of it. The church had convinced my mother that it was her duty to stick with my stepfather and to adopt me out, so here came my anger and abandonment issues with my mother. My mother and I are very close and understanding now.

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Just Your Child


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011 with permission of the Author.

I'm standing in the dark and into the light,
Can't you see me?
I am standing in your sight.
You don't want me,
You don't need me,
I'm just a child.

You just stood on by,
watched him make me cry,
He betrayed me every night,
But to you...I am just a little child.

Inside, he left me black and blue,
Yes, Mommy, he "promised" you!
But did you ever think what he'd do?

You were just a passer by,
Claiming to have no sight,
Walk on in, "I'm sorry," walk on out.
What was that all about?

You left me out in the cold,
I felt so alone.
The betrayal of your trust,
I don't think I can let it go.

Just because....I was your child.

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