Rhyming Poem

Humorous Poem Do Women Pass Gas?

A humorous poem not meant to insult anyone. Especially all the ladies that may indeed fart from time to time. Accidently of course and only in their sleep. Any true man will take the rap for them and save them from any embarrassment.

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Ladies Don’t Fart

© more by Ronald Doe

Published by Family Friend Poems February 2009 with permission of the Author.

“You are disgusting”
My wife says to me
When I passed some gas
While watching t.v.

With a guilty grin
I enter my plea
“Must have been the dog
‘Cause it wasn’t me"

“You are a liar”
My wife hollers back
"Came straight from your ass
I know for a fact

I told you before
Won’t tell you again
Go to the bathroom
Before you break wind.”

“You are disgusting”
I heard my wife say
When I passed some gas
While driving today

With a guilty laugh
I enter my plea
“Must be the exhaust
Cause it wasn’t me”

“You are a liar”
I once again hear
“Roll down the window
I need some fresh air

Now why can’t you be
Like me from the start
For I’m a lady
And ladies don’t fart”

"You are disgusting"
Words ran through my head
As I watched my wife
Asleep in our bed

Really felt guilty
Shame every man knows
When without notice
A smell hit my nose

I said to myself
"It sure ain't perfume"
As a fart odor
Spread through the bedroom

Couldn’t help but think
A man she must be
Cause ladies don’t fart
And that wasn’t me


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