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Poem Told From The Perspective Of A Cupcake

I was in class one day and I got bored and was really hungry, so I decided to write a poem about what I was craving at the time!!

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I love this poem so much, I love to bake!! This poem is my top favorite to read and laugh for. Thank you so much for this wonderful and delicious poem. Hahaha.

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The Life Of A Cupcake


Published: May 2014

They put me in the oven to bake.
Me, a deprived and miserable cake.
Feeling the heat, I started to bubble.
Watching the others, I knew I was in trouble.

They opened the door and I started my life.
Frosting me with a silver knife,
Decorating me with candy jewels.
The rest of my batch looked like fools.

Lifting me up, she took off my wrapper.
Feeling the breeze, I wanted to slap her.
Opening her mouth with shiny teeth inside,
This was the day this cupcake died.



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  • Sofia Marteli by Sofia Marteli
  • 10 months ago

I love, love to bake with my stepmom. We are a dynamic duo with cupcakes. This poem is so funny. All my friends loved it.

  • Ricky Gooding by Ricky Gooding
  • 11 months ago

This is a great poem, and it's funny and great to use. We're doing a mock Poetry Out Loud competition and it helped me to the championship round with another poem's help, "Dumb User-Smart Phone" by Rick W. Cotton. Sarah Greer choose a great time to write a poem and a great subject. I also love cupcakes. Keep writing great poems, Sarah.

  • Kritisha Babu by Kritisha Babu
  • 1 year ago

The funniest, silliest poem ever! Good job. By the way, who was that girl? The title of the poem made me read it. Awesome!

  • O. Woods by O. Woods
  • 1 year ago

I am a home baker and am prone to feeling overwhelmed when I am baking batches of 60+ cupcakes. This poem had me laughing so hard that now I will remember it every time I am baking cupcakes! :)

  • Maggie by Maggie
  • 1 year ago

This poem is AMAZING! I was searching for a poem for schoolwork, and I am glad that I found this one. This made me laugh so hard and even feel bad for cupcakes!

  • Ulina Lannos by Ulina Lannos
  • 1 year ago

The poem was so funny! I read it and started giggling uncontrollably!

  • Kannan Keethan by Kannan Keethan
  • 1 year ago

It's such a funny poem. It made me hungry and thirsty, so I immediately ate a cupcake and drank a cup of water. I saw this poem and just had to print it. Thank you.

  • Cassie by Cassie
  • 2 years ago

This poem truly made my day! It made me laugh so much! I shared this poem with my friends, and they loved this poem too. This was an awesome poem!

  • Tiana Lawton by Tiana Lawton
  • 2 years ago

This poem has made me love cupcakes even more!

  • Kaminari Kaiyo by Kaminari Kaiyo
  • 2 years ago

Haha. This poem is really funny! I'm eating a cupcake right now and just said sorry to it. Haha.

  • Brittany Herbert by Brittany Herbert
  • 2 years ago

This poem is really good. It made me want to make some cupcakes, so I am going to the store to get some cupcake mixes to make some cupcakes tomorrow.

  • SirensTears by SirensTears
  • 2 years ago

This poem made my day. I am hungry now. I love it!

  • Amaab9 by Amaab9
  • 2 years ago

I really liked this poem. It makes so much sense! Also, the words rhyme perfectly. Some poems are pathetic because all they do is try to make the words rhyme, but this one is great! You get sucked right in! I felt like this was like a mini story that rhymes.

  • Sihan by Sihan
  • 2 years ago

Really creative. I really like how the writer had thought about a real cupcake's life and what the cupcake thought when it is about to be eaten alive. I think the cupcake is dressed in a clown vest in a three wheeled joke car!

  • Yoyo by Yoyo
  • 3 years ago

I love this poem so much. I love baking so much and this poem is so real! Thanks for sharing this poem as I need a poem for my homework.

  • Jessica C. Alejandro by Jessica C. Alejandro, Bakersfield,Ca
  • 3 years ago

I love this poem so much, I love to bake!! This poem is my top favorite to read and laugh for. Thank you so much for this wonderful and delicious poem. Hahaha.

  • Emily Rogers by Emily Rogers
  • 3 years ago

We had to search a poem up for some class work I love this poem!!!!!

  • Ariel by Ariel, Ladysmith BC
  • 4 years ago

I love this poem!! It seems so real!! I really like to bake as well.

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