Spiritual Poem about Death

Having Faith In God During Tough Times

This is about a friend of mine from church. She became ill with cancer. She was taking chemo and radiation, and through her sickness she was such a brave person. She always trusted in God to get her through the rough times.

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Hanging In Tough

Jac Judy A. Campbell © more by Jac Judy A. Campbell

Published by Family Friend Poems April 2018 with permission of the Author.

A fine lady.
So gallantly strong,
She stands for the good,
The righteous, and God.

At a small little church she faithfully arrives.
She walks quietly about as she silently sighs.
She greets with a hug with outstretched hands.
"How are you doing today? Glad to see you," she says.

I gently embrace her and ask, "How are you doing?
You look pretty today."
With a sad glow in her eyes, she says,
"It's been kinda rough,
But our God's on my side,
And I'm hanging in tough."

With a soft smile on her face, she sits in a pew,
Among family and friends and others she knew.
She graciously prays with her head slightly bowed,
Singing God's hymns with a soft whispering sound.

As she rises to leave, I squeeze her arm and say,
"You look so beautiful and much better today."
She speaks with a quick grin as she touches my cheek
And replies with a voice that's suddenly weak.
"It's a little rough, but you know me,
I'm hanging in tough."

She faithfully arrives at the little church
One last time.
She was carried by loved ones
And friends by her side,
A bouquet was placed on the pew
Where she once sat,
With flowers and ribbons and banner that read:

God's taking me home.
His ride won't be rough,
For my days are all over for me.
Hanging in tough.



Jac Judy A. Campbell is a poet by heart and a writer by nature, and she is thrilled to be able to share part of herself that others will enjoy. She reads a lot of good books and loves arts and crafts, sewing, crocheting, cooking, and growing a garden. She is happily married, takes care of her husband, and enjoys her children and...

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