Dark Poem

Depression & Anxiety

This poem is a strong poem that I wrote about a year ago in one of the darkest parts of my life. I was just put in placement after one of the worst foster homes known in my county. I ended up getting out three months later, but it has shown me that even the weak can overcome anything. This poem is meant to be read aloud. I am performing this at one of my school get-togethers because my teachers have fallen in love with it. I was inspired by a fellow poet, Patrick Roche.

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Losing Me


Published by Family Friend Poems October 16, 2023 with permission of the Author.

I am just so tired
Not just mentally from life,
But from the insomnia that haunts me at night.
And I'm just waiting,
Waiting for someone to notice I'm not fine,
To see that I'm sinking like the titanic.
To notice the scars in my soul and on my body,
Because I am sick.
Not only in my head,
But in every waking cell of my body.
They're telling me to just let go,
Give up already,
To fall into the black pit of death
That has been tempting me all these years.
And soon, I listen.
The caveman in my limbs is too weak to hold me up anymore,
The sheets of my skin torn up like last week's homework.
The red ink flowing onto my final bed of tile.
This could have been prevented.
If they had listened to me banging my head on the wall,
Not because I'm insane,
But to try to calm the voices in my head.
If they had noticed the mute monster
Screaming in my ear.
Maybe if they saw the lonely ghost named suicide
Finding another friend in me.
But they ignored the tea kettle of me,
Rising to a screech.
Instead, the snap-chatted and facebooked away,
Not caring at all.
My whistling and crying went silent,
My insides evaporated and gone.
I've been thrown against the jagged cliff called sanity,
Shredding and splintering every single piece of me.
I've fought with all my strength,
Till all I had left was my voice.
But now, it is gone.
I am too tired to continue.
Everyday, thousands of people die.
The reason:
Your ignorance.
The world's ignorance.
Because after all,
I, I was not fine.


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