Abuse Poem

Haunted By Memories Of Abuse

I am a female still coping with the fact that I was molested as a child for two years by someone I trusted. I've kept it bottled up so long the memory haunts me.

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Published: October 2016

Years have passed; I continue to grow,
Yet I hold a secret not many seem to know.
The pain and hurt is still all too real in my mind.
You did bad things that weren't kind.

I loved you, trusted you, and you put me in fear.
The way you touched me was hard to bear.
You were strong and I was weak.
Why was I so afraid to speak?

Your rough hands inside my clothes,
A dreaded secret no one knows.
I tried to tell, but it was called a bluff.
Why would I lie about that stuff?

I've had no choice but to forgive,
Because in my house you still live.
A memory that continues to rot,
Did you think I forgot?

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