Christmas Poem

Poem About Wanting House To Be Filled With Love

Holidays are a time for reflection of what could have been and also a time for new resolutions.

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My Christmas Wish


Published: November 2007

Dear Santa,
Christmas is coming and I know I should be glad
But to tell the real truth, I am really, really sad
You see I have lost something so precious to me
And there is no way you could put it back under my tree

I was given a job quite some time ago
I thought I could do it, but it wasn't so
I honestly did what I thought was the best
But what I really did was make quite a mess

I was given a family with daughters to raise
Oh, how I wish I could relive those days
I would do it different, be a better mother
Maybe then we wouldn't hate each other

My house is no longer a happy one
There is no more laughter, no more fun
No one talks, no one seems to care
We are all just roommates with a place to share

I don't really know where things went all wrong
I truly thought love would keep the family strong
I realize now that it wasn't enough
Neither was buying them all kinds of stuff

Somewhere along the line I believe I've failed
Instead of love and caring, it's hate that's prevailed
They have all given up they don't care anymore
And it breaks my heart to its very core

I am tired of crying and feeling so bad
I want things to be happy and no longer be sad
I want my family back; is that to much to ask
I don't really think it's an impossible task

Just talk to the girls and make them believe
That together there is nothing we can't achieve
We can be a family again, I know and I pray
They are just lost, please show them the way

Dear Santa, I hope that you hear my plea
And bring my family back to me
I would be ever so grateful and I promise I'd be
A better mother than I'd been previously



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