Addiction Poem

I was a heroin addict for three and half years! I put my family through hell, lost my friends. I lost the trust of every one that I loved and cared for!
One day I went to jail for the crimes I committed whilst supporting my habit. This is one poem I wrote whist there!

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My Darling Heroin


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2009 with permission of the Author.

The first day I tried you,
You became my new best friend, my lover and my soul mate!
You took my hand, faded my pain, there was a smile for once.
It felt good to be around you,
That numbness you gave me was all that I wanted!
So I let you in, let you stick around,
Coz without you the joys I felt in life just disappeared.
Was that you, maybe it was me,
No I needed you,
Thank God you were there,
My darling Heroin!

You made me feel strong again,
So I thought that I would cope without you,
But you wouldn't let me leave.
You started to make me cry, caused me pain that I never felt before.
I pushed you away, but you just kept pulling me back in.
You weren't my friend, lover or soul mate,
You're the ENEMY!
I realized it to late.
You held me in, pulling me harder and harder;
I couldn't walk out on you no more,
You were making me weaker,
This made you stronger,
I was craving you more and more,
I couldn't understand it? I thought you were helping me!
My darling Gear

I lost my way but, but I just can't blame you it was me to!
I tried to leave you,
But you pulled me back in harder and faster, body and soul!
I chose this destructive path, I was lonely and down.
I agree you did take that all away,
But look at the consequences!
I lost everything that I ever had,
I lost my dignity; I was starting to hurt myself!
I hurt my family and the ones who loved and cared the most!
But yet again I got down, instead of asking for help,
I caved in even more,
And you pulled me in harder than ever before.
I embraced you,
What a fool I was
My soul binding smack

Now I have made a choice,
At last to walk away!
Its time for you to leave my addictive body, veins and mind.
Why do you keep fighting me?
Trying to force your way back to me,
But its time to make eminence with myself,
Its time to take control!
I got my fight back; you got to leave now,
Time to say goodbye!!
So, so long, farewell my loving heroin,
You've done your worse,
You degrading smack
You locked me in a cage and took the key,
But this time I am fighting back
Now I have the key!
I'm walking away, locking you in that cage,
The cage of addiction, destruction and pain.
Goodbye my darling Heroin


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