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Do You Know Who You Are?

I started this silly little poem just for fun. It is a very simplistic view of my life from childhood to adulthood. I had no idea where I was going with it until I reached the end and it all became very clear. I answered my own question. Events depicted here are true. I hope you have the patience to read it through. If only life could be this simple. Enjoy!

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My Ordinary Life

© more by Susan Vidd

Published by Family Friend Poems March 29, 2024 with permission of the Author.

I have experienced many things.
But, really, my life is quite ordinary.

I can talk, walk, dance and sing;
play sports, wear shorts and sport a ring.

I can trim a tree or cut the grass.
I can shovel the snow for you to pass.

I can drive a boat, a car, a truck and a van.
I can crimp some paper and make a fan.

I can cook and bake and clean a stove.
Once, from a platform of eight feet I dove.

I can put out a fire and perform CPR;
accurately identify a bird's call from afar.

I've been mothered and smothered and covered in dirt.
I've worn bug spray and sunscreen and an old tattered shirt.

I've climbed trees and caught bees and examined the bugs.
I played wembley peg with my fingers; changed tires with lugs.

I hopped a train as a kid and rode for a block.
I am totally fascinated by a plain simple rock.

I was able to sail on a boat made of teak;
had to pump out a boat when it sprouted a leak.

I wore a ball gown while being announced with a horn.
I once lived in a state that only grew corn.

I was chauffeured around Washington, D.C.
I felt so special "just look at me".

I can still ride a bike and raise my hand.
I can build a castle made out of white sand.

But before I forget, it is important to note.
There is a meaning to all that I wrote.

I am a mother, grandmother and devoted wife.
That is the extraordinary part of my ordinary life!



First and foremost, Susan has no degree in writing. You might have noticed her poems are rather simple and silly or not written in the correct format. She just enjoys writing. Here is something to think about and perhaps it has been said before. "If I write my bio in the third person, what will the other two writers think?”

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