Falling in Love Poem

This I wrote to my new love. I am seventeen. I don't really want to explain the meanings but there are many hidden messages which only she will be able to find. If you like it please rate it.


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New Love


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2010 with permission of the Author.

From the first lingering glance
Shared by a pair of prying hearts
To the last dizzying dance
Performed by two sets of intricate intimate parts
I knew you.

From the first quivering intimation
Induced by the stammering staggering sighs
To the single bed with a double population
Shared by the two with magical miraculous mirroring eyes
I knew you

From the first base osculation
Occurring in a place you should never have seen at all
To the intoxicating commiserating celebration
Ending in the beginning the most memorable fall.
I knew you.


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