Falling in Love Poem

I Love You More Each Day

I welcome love with open arms hoping and praying that I will find someone to open my heart with.

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My Reality


Published by Family Friend Poems November 2008 with permission of the Author.

I heard your voice today
and my anxiety grew more intense,
as the days between us lessen.

I love you more each day I see the sky,
each time I smell a flower,
and feel the breeze through my hair.

I was standing on the sidelines today
watching something great in the making,
happiness filled my heart.

I see two people filled with great love,
standing in front of a man. The woman
holding flowers and the man holding her.

The man in front is holding a book,
of what sort, I cannot tell.
A smile starts to brighten my face.

Next, I see them in a delivery room,
she is crying and screaming,
all the while he is holding her.

A child is brought into the world,
A beautiful world to a beautiful child.
A tear dampens my face.

Another leap into the future, I see the
Two of them, yet again.
The man and woman are older now.

As they hold each other, she looks into
His eyes and he into hers as they smile.
Warmth fills the room.

As they lean in to kiss,
I hear a noise and wake up looking into
your eyes, and realize, it was all a dream,
But still my reality.


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