Halloween Poem

Poem About Walking Through A Graveyard

This poem is Halloween themed (spooky) and is about a guy walking to a cemetery at night. It is Halloween night and a guy decides to walk outside, alone.

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Night Walk


Published: December 2014

As I walked down the leaf bestrewn path,
The trees seemed to show their wrath
As the wind violently attacked.
In the obscure pitch black,
The nearby hot spring was a steam bath.

In the moonlight it steamed, gleamed, and screamed.
The night was just like a dream,
Only it was a nightmare:
Frightening, fateful, freakish, fear,
Nothing was as it seemed.

Alone, abandoned, afraid and ambivalent.
I must have looked very innocent
As I opened up the gate
Leading to my ominous fate.
I opened the doors to imprisonment, which kept me alert and vigilant.

The paved graves, brave and gray,
Ghosts glanced at me and waved.
I stood frozen in the night.
There was only one street light.
The ghosts raved; they were a cold urgent wave
Craving to be saved.


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