Regret Poem

Doing Work Of Others

I worked as a paralegal and legal assistant after leaving the teaching profession, only to realize sadly that it was not my true work but the work of others.

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One Nerve Song


Published by Family Friend Poems May 30, 2024 with permission of the Author.

And now, at the end of two careers
In teaching and law for forty years

When I have one nerve left to sing
In quiet days of remembering

I bring back all the nerves used up and lost
To choices made, not counting the cost

The nerves locked in silent screams
In corporate cubicles, on computer screens

I bring them back
I bring them back

I bring back binders, thick and black
Indexed inside are every causal fact

I bring back staff greetings
In the hall, and mandatory firm meetings

For policies, procedures, and futhermores
On long white tables bolted to the floors

I bring them back
I bring them back

I bring back sounds of slamming doors
From office rooms down corridors

I bring back urgent client calls
And colleagues hurrying through the halls

And past the brown leathered conference room
I hear the tune of my one nerve song:

O, Eyes, O, fingers,
You did the work of others

Not your own
Not your own


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