Long Distance Poem

The Need To Be Reassured

This poem goes from a place of familiarity, one year. Being together long distance can be tremendously hard. As time goes on, and you grow in your love and learning for each other, so can those doubts and worries. Sometimes those miles in between and times zones clicking on often confuse the love languages we hold so strongly. But just like a road, when holes and cracks appear, it must be reassured. so no matter the long distance, no doubt or worry is too small or big, to be reassured <3

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Our Long Distance

Poetrebelunderground © more by Poetrebelunderground

Published by Family Friend Poems May 1, 2024 with permission of the Author.

please reassure me
that your love is still true,
that the distance between us
hasn't worn out our glue,

does your heart skip a beat
as my name pings your phone,
do you pretend to check the time
as an excuse to get us alone

do you still find me beautiful
when I climb into bed,
wearing my oversized t-shirt
and a bonnet on my head?

when I stand in-front of the camera
and my nakedness is all you see
does the earth still stop for you?
is it still hard to speak?

when my train pulls into the station,
how fast does your heart race?
do you find it beats the same way,
when we met face to face?

yes we live most of our us
in the rectangle on a screen
but can you reassure me still love
that you will always choose me?

because while our long distance has been hard
for me this always remained true,
the miles in our long distance never felt long
when I thought about the longevity of love with you.


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