Prison Poems

Poems for when a Family member is in Prison

Prison is the punishment that keeps on taking. Long after the individual has regretted his or her sin and wishes to go back to living a productive life, he must stay in prison wasting his precious years on this earth. Almost anything you take from a man can be given back except time. He can never reclaim the time that was stolen from him. He can never experience his children growing up for they are already grown. He can never experience those precious moments with his wife for most likely she has moved on. Of all the crimes that man commits to go to prison, in most cases our decision to keep him there is worse.


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  1. The Forgotten Victim

    Husband In Prison


    A person's comment:

    "That's her there! Her hubby's inside!"
    "How can she stand by him?" a neighbor cried!

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    Latest Shared Story just told my story. The story about a woman who had 4 small children who not only had to raise them by herself, but stand by her man and yet be alone for 27 years. And I heard it...

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  3. My Prayer

    • By Tina Fortner
    • Published: December 2011
    Husband Is In Jail Poem

    I feel a tear run down my face
    As I sit in this quiet, lonely place.
    I think of you and need you here.
    I wipe away my falling tear.

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    I know how you feel girl it hasn't been years but only a few months and I already miss my love with all my heart. They are talking up to as many as 15-20 years. It breaks my heart to see...

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  4. The Window

    • By William J. Ray
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About Jail Glass Between Mom And Son

    There you are
    On the other side of the window
    You look sad and scared
    Wondering where your son is about to go...

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    I like your poem very much. Well written and very heart felt. I have a son who's in prison, and I can relate to the words in this poem. You have great talent. Please keep on writing. I...

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  6. Daddy's Gone

    How To Tell A Child His Dad Is In Prison Poem

    How do you sit down and talk to your son
    and tell him that his Daddy has gone?
    It's easier explaining the meaning of death
    and why people die and draw their last breath.

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    My daughters are 4 & 2 now but, were only 2 and 11 months when there daddy went to prison. My oldest was and still is a daddy's girl. I had no clue what to tell her when I returned home from...

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  7. Only Memories

    Poem About Missing Out While In Jail

    As I lay here in the dark, between these prison walls
    I would think about you, and my tears would fall

    You were the sun that shines, an encouraging thought...

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    My brother has been locked up in Warren Ohio since about October of 2013. He's 19 years of age. I really miss him. This poem reminds me of him and what could have been, if he wasn't locked up...

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  8. End Of A Journey

    • By Ken Budden
    • Published: April 2011
    Poem About Coming Home From Prison

    The end of your journey is now in sight,
    And from the darkness you can now see light,
    I know it's been tough, but I'm hoping you know,
    From that hard bitter lesson, "You reap what you sow"....

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    I was so amazed by this most beautiful baby boy of mine, so full of life and joy. My baby grew up now. In his teens my precious teen struggled through life. His dad was nowhere to be found....

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  10. Dear Santa

    Mom in Prison Poem

    Me and Mum would always write
    dear Santa Claus a note,
    but this year Mum won't be around
    so this is what I wrote:...

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    This is a very touching poem...and from a child, makes me want to hold her hand and comfort her.

  11. Please Don't Cry, Mi Nina

    • By Luis Verduzco
    • Published: October 2009
    Poem About Leaving Daughter For Prison

    Daddy has to be away for awhile.
    Please don't cry; show me that smile.
    Be careful when you're out to play.
    Watch out for cars; don't get in their way....

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    Wow. so this poem really does get to me. my father is in prison, and he doesn't call or write. I do miss him and I wish it mattered to him as much as it does to you. Someday you will be out...

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  12. The Game

    • By Susan Christensen
    • Published: June 2008
    Poem About Missing Boyfriend In Jail

    Let me tell you about a game I play
    Where I close my eyes and fade away

    I float away to a special place

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    I want to say that this poem said it all it wasn't very long but it explained a lot of true feelings and I loved it. it brought a tear to my eye

  13. Daddy, You're In Jail

    • By Sydnie L. Jackson
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About Daughter Missing Dad In Jail


    Daddy, you're in jail so far, far away
    and it hurts me almost every day
    I knew when I was there
    it was coming to an end...

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    this poem totally represents me. my father is in jail and has been for almost 18 yrs. he has been in since I was 5 months old. he gets out in 2012 which is soon and I cant wait for him to get...

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