Humorous Poem

Humorous Poem About An Obnoxious Person

Oh, dear, I'm not quite sure what to write. There isn't any particular story behind this piece, but I'm sure most readers can relate to obnoxious Pete. Perhaps the moral is one shouldn't lose one's temper no matter what the circumstances. Let's hope old Bill learned a lesson.

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Pigheaded Pete


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2014 with permission of the Author.

Pigheaded Pete was an obstinate fool,
who argued no matter the topic,
shredding opinions with outrageous drool,
and anger that bordered psychotic.

While most folks ignored him or called him a jerk,
and shrugged off his need to be right,
on one night Pete drove Bill O'Reilly berserk,
who challenged our Pete to a fight.

Now Bill was a boxer when he was much younger,
and knew how to throw a good punch.
Outside where he dragged the poor twit with his anger,
young Peter's incisors went crunch.

Bill got real nervous when Pete called the coppers,
and shortly a lawsuit ensued.
He had no money to buy Pete new choppers,
and so Judge Alfredo was shrewd.

Judge sentenced the boxer to ten months of labor
inside Peter's house day and night.
And Bill had to listen to rubbish and blather,
to pigheaded Pete's great delight.


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