Broken Friendship Poem

Poem About A Misunderstanding Between Friends

A friend of mine and I had a huge misunderstanding that seemed to have a cruel life of its own. He is a friend who has grown into family. He was having a terrible day and I was having a "mental moment" all at the same time. The result was "The Perfect Storm." We finally did speak in the afternoon 3 days later and worked it out, but this poem was written in the early morning before our conversation.

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© more by Wendy Brown Mignosa

Published by Family Friend Poems July 2011 with permission of the author.

I don't know what happened
or why you cannot see
The mistrust you have caused
by how you treated me.

My shock and disbelief
were all I could feel.
All your continued retorts
were unbelievably surreal.

I should have let it go,
and assumed you were somehow pained.
But I took it into my heart
and now we're both emotionally drained.

I finally reached out to you
after two long days had passed.
I found you were receptive
and seemed much more relaxed.

A phone call would solve our problem
I told myself and you.
You said you would call me
and I believed this to be true.

The day passed into night,
the following dawn was spent.
No call did I receive,
no words could we repent.

You promised you would show me
you'd from now on be always true.
But instead by your inaction
our friendship has become unglued.

You claimed to be a brother,
more family than friend.
How easily it was recanted
so it must have been pretend.


more by Wendy Brown Mignosa

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