Inspirational Poem by Teens

Poem About Two Sides To Everything

The poem is about the idea of looking in a mirror and judging yourself. Comparing what you think is the truth, seeing only the negative, but someone else may see you in a completely different light.

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Published by Family Friend Poems May 2015 with permission of the Author.

You see a girl
Who is crying for help.
She thinks she's alone.
She hurts herself.

You see someone
Who feels unloved,
Thinks all she does
Is never enough.

You see a woman
Whose body is scarred,
Trying to escape
This life that's hard.

Now look again
And see what I do.
Look through my eyes
To see what I think's true.

I see a girl
Consumed by strife
Who has many friends
To help her through life.

I see someone.
For her, many yearn.
Doing so much
For little return.

I see a woman
Who is true beauty,
Trying to forget
A past that was ugly.

The same mirror,
Yet different eyes.
Which set is truth
And which is lies?


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