Betrayed Friend Poem

Poem About Making A Mistake

This poem was written for a friend. She was married and going through a hard time in her marriage. One night she ran into a close male friend. They had coffee together and drove around talking for hours. They pulled over to talk and one thing led to another and they both ended up cheating on their spouses. She felt really bad and just wanted to continue being friends, but the friendship was ruined, and it broke her heart. I wrote this poem for her based on the feelings she expressed to me.

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Because I Needed A Friend


Published: July 2012

I called you late last night
because I needed a friend.
But you, of course, didn't answer.
I guess you want to pretend

That our friendship doesn't matter,
that we never should have met.
Our time to you meant nothing,
but I never will forget.

I know mistakes were made;
they came from either side.
But you won't even talk to me,
and I feel like I have died.

Why can't we just move on
and forget about that night?
I should have known that this would happen;
we both knew it wasn't right.

I thought I knew what I was doing.
I wouldn't involve my heart.
I knew exactly what I wanted
right from the very start.

And now I just want to say
how sorry I really am.
I didn't mean for this to happen.
I do, but you don't give a damn.



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