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Poem About Overcoming Feelings Of Inadequacy

I wrote this poem while feeling that God was calling me to be a youth pastor or a teacher. I wrestled with feeling inadequate, fearful, awkward, and incapable. I was terrible at talking to people, I was incredibly awkward, and I was full of social anxiety. How was God going to use a timid, awkward little girl like me? Then I realized I had my focus all wrong. I was focusing on my inadequacy instead of on God's strength. God used countless people in the Bible who felt inadequate. He CAN use YOU!

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Published: July 2016

What a pathetic girl, staring back into the mirror.
What a timid girl, overcome by fear.
What a shell of a girl, locked up inside.
What a forgotten girl, pushed off to the side.

Lord, why did You call me to do these things for You?
Do You really think this is something I could make it through?
These expectations You've given me, I cannot live up to
Lord, why did You ever call me to be a servant for You?

Tears spring into my eyes as I stare at my reflection.
Guilt takes control and yells with expression,
"What a coward! What a waste of time! What a weak and useless failure!
How is God going to use you?! You will only ruin your future!"

"That. Is. My. Child," booms a voice from above.
"That is my precious daughter, whom I deeply love.
She is an empty vessel for My power and glory.
She is a broken girl whom I will give a beautiful story."

Jesus turns to me and takes the mirror from my hand.
"You're looking at the wrong reflection, that's why you can't understand."
He hands me a cup, full of red blood.
"This is how I see you, My child, saved by My love."

I look into the cup, full to the brim
I look at my reflection, then back up at Him.
I shake my head. "How could You love me this much?"
"My daughter, that is grace, and it is more than enough."

"I supply your every need.
Your help is found in Me.
I empower the fearful,
And I strengthen the weak."

"Go and show My children they are loved by Me.
Listen for My voice, trust in My peace.
Do not worry over the future,
And never believe you are a failure."

Then I fall on my knees and cry,
"I think I finally understand why.
Lord, here am I, send me.
Oh, thank You for helping me to see
I am precious, I am loved.
With You, I will always be enough."

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