Alone Poem

Living In The Past Since The Future Looks Bleak

Constantly thinking about the past and what I would change if possible. The future looks rather bleak due to my personal health issues. I'm disabled with other major health issues which have had me in the hospital at least 3 to 5 times per year since 1998. Family isn't always supportive. I've been taken to the hospital by ambulance without anyone in my family knowing and they live with me. Last year was in the ICU for five days before anyone in my family knew.

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Published by Family Friend Poems October 2018 with permission of the Author.

I often walk in early morn
engrossed in time's once new.
with thoughts and dreams of things long past,
the carefree days of youth.

Those hurt and loved, embrace them all.
Repent the things done wrong.
My words can not begin to say
What's felt within my heart.

The silent night, she placates me
Inside her dark cocoon.
She keeps man's world away from me
Where I can be myself.

Shoe-kick a stone like me alone
With no real place to go.
Time hasn't been so kind to me.
The future's insecure.

The family's grown away from me.
My body's wearin' down.
Not certain what will come of me,
Seems Yesterday's all I've got.

So I'll lay upon thick carpets green,
so gentle to the touch.
And suck upon a blade of grass,
While my mind, it again wanders off.

To hear the morning birds a new.
Their songs they comfort me.
I know there's really nothing left.
Unleash red veins to free.

I watch the light of day come on.
I feel the sky turn blue.
I sense the dawn come splashing down,
My life, it ends too soon.


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