Relationship Poem

How To Move Past Hurt And Love Again

This poem is about how to make peace with the emotional hurt inflicted in a past relationship and how to not let the past keep you from loving someone else in the present or future.

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Shadows Of The Past

Marcia A. Newton © more by Marcia A. Newton

Published by Family Friend Poems November 28, 2023 with permission of the Author.

We both live in the shadows of the past
where we only know hurt and love doesn't last.
We were made to feel that we weren't enough
We were brought to our knees and made to give up.

We both know how easy life falls apart
how easily our wounds broke our hearts.
We remember when we were made to feel small
when criticized for our insecurities and all of our flaws.

Painful pasts poisoned our loving hearts,
but how can we move forward to make a new start?
How can we make peace with all of the pain?
Will pain always haunt us and love be in vain?

Can we ever live in the here and now
and leave yesterday's mistakes in the past somehow?
Can we ever know love means us no harm?
Will we ever feel safe in each other's arms?

Why do our memories hurt us from long ago?
Are we reliving the past by not letting go?
Are we doomed to a life of pain and brokenness?
Can we make peace with the past and the emptiness?

Maybe we can make each other better
by being kind to one another whenever together,
by listening, by supporting and making the other feel whole,
by taking care of each other's heart and soul.

Maybe we can be each other's peace,
be tomorrow's hope where the past is released.
Maybe we can take a deep breath and make it last
when we realize we're free from the shadows of the past.


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