War Poem

Gratitude To Those Fighting For Their Country

I want to say how thankful I feel to people who make it possible that we wake each day without fear. Men and women who are someone's son or daughter, now but also in years gone by. I have friends who have been to Iraq and Afghanistan, and I feel I owe them and every single member of the armed forces a huge debt of gratitude in doing their all and giving the ultimate sacrifice in their lives to ensure that we can live our lives in a free and thriving society. I hope my poem shows my gratitude.

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Soldier Boy


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2017 with permission of the Author.

Soldier boy, I see that you're hurting in disguise,
Showing no pain, but I see it in your eyes.
I know the pain that runs deep, and you feel it every day.
I see the fear in your eyes that never goes away.
You're a hero to your country, and it's time for us to show
That what you did just saved a life; our pride you'll never know.

Living your life fighting in a war zone,
Hearing the bombs and the echoes of the drone,
Being someone who gives and never takes,
Letting bullets fly close to you, but never will you shake.
You're a light up in the sky, a star shining bright.
Take center stage, my hero, because tonight it's your night.

What made you want to be someone who keeps the world alive?
How did you gain the strength to never take the dive?
You live your life with laughter in such a scary place,
But never giving in; your smile is built from faith.
When the starling sings in the morning you know that you're still here.
Come home, my boy. Come home to the land where you will feel no fear.


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