War Poem

War In Eye Of Soldier

This is a poem my nephew asked to me write as an inspirational look through a soldier's eyes in battle. I hope I've done justice to all our lads fighting.

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A Soldiers Pray

© more by Terrie Brushette

Published by Family Friend Poems January 2008 with permission of the Author.

Waves lap against our boat
As we wait in the cold.
Wrap ourselves in our coat,
Waiting for the order to be told.

Watching all our mates watch us,
Each thinking the same as the other.
Are we going to fight tonight,
Stand side by side like brothers?

Orders been given, and off we go.
Terrifying noises all around.
Bombs exploding in our sight.
Machine guns are the other sound.

Bullets are whizzing past us now.
Dead bodies are scattered free.
People running for their life,
Screaming, "Somebody help me!"

Trying to make sense of all this.
Staying alive and alert through the night.
Wanting to go home to our family.
Keeping quiet and out of sight.

The enemy is near.
The footsteps are loud,
But we will not give in;
We stand together, proud.

Family in unit,
Brothers in blood.
Fighting our corner,
Covered in mud.

No one sees the fear in our eyes
Waiting to see if it's our time to die.
Not wanting to die this way,
But no other choice is what they say.

So here I lay in eternal sleep
Replaying my life as a soldier.
Would I change a single thing?
Would I still be here if war didn't begin?


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