Hard Times Poem

Poem About Hurting And Accepting Things

This poem is about hurting and accepting things that are beyond one's control. My poem is a family inspired poem.

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Published: December 2015

I long to feel your tender kiss
I long to see your loving face
I long to be with you all day
If only I could make you stay

"Be strong, my baby. I love you so.
But you know we have to go."
These are the words you always say
I wonder how I can make you stay

I tried so hard to understand
I kept the pain inside my heart
It's just so hard to be alone
I have to make it on my own

I'm sorry if I can't help but cry
Whenever I hear you say goodbye
But I knew it right from the start
Why we should always be apart

Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad
I know exactly where you stand
I know you love me, I'm sure you do
So please remember, I love you, too

You're my inspiration, I must say
Even if you're so far away
You never fail to guide my way
If only I could make you stay

I love you, Mama; I miss your touch
I love you, Papa, just as much
I'll make you proud, just wait and see
I'll wait until you're back with me


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