I'm Sorry Love Poem

Poem About A Secret Lover

I know it's geeky, but I'm a true romantic poem-y type of person inside under all the layers of hurt and pain. This is for Maxwell Sanchez with those beautiful gray eyes.

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How Could He Forgive Me?


Published: January 2009

He rode in a cold winter day
His eyes a mysterious shade of gray
He got off the horse and came right in
He was personified sin

He held out his arms so big and strong
And I knew what I had done to him was wrong               
My secret lover in the back of my mind
The tears that pricked my eyes made me blind

I couldn't take it anymore
I collapsed in a pile on the floor
He rushed to my side to help me to my feet
I wish he had thrown me out on the street

I had betrayed him and he didn't know it
How could he? I didn't show it

Finally, the guilt ate my soul
I told him, those eyes almost coal
He hugged me tight, said it's alright
I really do love him
I'm sorry


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