Fear Poem

I wrote the first part of the poem when I was walking outside and noticed that it was going to rain. It was very windy, and in the distance you could see flashes of light, which I knew was lightning, and hear the low grumbling of thunder. I started to hum and then I sang those words. That moment inspired me to write this poem. I actually finished writing it when my reading teacher, Mr. Eugene, asked us to write two poems, one being "The Storm" and the other "En Chile."

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Storm Of Fears


Published: June 2008

The winds are wild
The lightning strikes
The thunder booms
The storm is coming

The storm represents your fears
And all that you have run away from
They've come back for their revenge
Will you face it or run away?

Run away, like you did before
Let your friends fall, like you did before
Or face it, like you should
Help them, like you should

Chin held high and heart strong
Your blood races
The lighting strikes, the thunder booms
You will not run away
You will fight



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