Brother Poems

Brother Poems

Big Brother and Little Brother Poems

What is a brother's place in a family? To a younger brother or sister, he may be a guide to help traverse the complicated path of growing up. To an older brother, a little brother may be seen as a tag along and pain in the neck. As much as siblings squabble when they are young, this is not a sign that they do not love each other. Most siblings would lay down their life for each other. As children grow up they usually find it easier to get along and relate to each other in rewarding ways.

Poems To Brothers from Sisters and Brothers

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  1. My Brother

    • By Amanda L. Thurnherr
    • Published: February 2006
    Brother Leaves For Marines

    You've been there for me
    Through it all.
    You're always there to catch me
    When I start to take a fall.

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    I know how you feel, I do share the same thing but they're are still my brothers regardless of what they do. I'll still love them no matter what.

    I will wish you and your brother good luck...

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  3. Yaz And Orr

    Poem About 2 Brothers Once So Close

    My brother was always my best friend,
    We would play sports and we'd just pretend.
    I'd hit a homer, a goal he'd score,
    You see I was Yaz and he was Orr.

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  4. Tears

    • By Margaret A. Collins
    • Published: February 2006

    I saw my brother cry today.
    He seemed five years old
    It did not seem to me that he was six feet tall.
    He lost a thing he treasured,

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    I love this. I am going to the army, and I hear my brother cry at night. Sometimes he begs me not to go, but I want to help people, and this is how I want to do it. I just feel bad. I do not...

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  6. Brother Trouble

    Fun Poem About Mixed Feelings For An Older Brother

    Of all the burdens I must bear,
    My brother's number one.
    Our parents really messed up there.
    They've raised an awful son.

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    A beautiful poem with childhood memories, both positive and negative. The experience of many younger brothers, I guess.

  7. Brothers

    • By Steve Mason
    • Published: August 2012
    Poem Celebrating The Life Of A Brother

    From the depths of my heart, come the words of a brother,
    where our souls and our minds, are like that of no other.
    The spirit of competition, will always be there,
    in the look of our eyes, and the glance of our stare.

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  8. I Miss You, My Little Bro

    • By Misty D. Crawford
    • Published: February 2006

    I love you and I wish you were home.
    It hurts me to think you're so alone.
    It's not the same without you here.
    Why you did what you did is still unclear.

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    It feels like they ripped my heart out of my chest. I can't sleep till I've cried for hours at night. I feel empty. I don't know how to handle this pain, having to remain strong to help my...

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  10. He May See Me In His Daughter

    Estrangement With Sibling

    It seems it's been a lifetime
    Since my brother went away.
    I long to see him once again
    And relive those cherished days.

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  11. Two Months Away

    • By Autumn Harris
    • Published: October 2012
    Sister To Brother I'm Going To Miss You

    Two months away
    it will be May
    and you will be gone.
    I'm trying to forget about it

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  12. Brothers - Game For A Laugh

    Brother Acrostic Poem

    Back in the day when we were young,
    Risking our necks on some great adventure,
    Others would mock our idea of fun,
    Telling tall tales or hiding Gran's dentures.

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  13. My Big Brother Off to The Army

    • By Terri L. Brewer
    • Published: February 2006

    You've always been here for me,
    But now you are about to leave.
    I know we fuss and fight,
    But I love you with all my might....

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    Hi, my brother is about to be 18 and he really wants to go to the Navy instead of college. He is also always there for me when my parents work and takes good care of us. There are times when...

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