Teacher Poem

The Crucial Role Played By A Teacher

Hi, I am Aindrila. I am 16 years old. This is my first attempt at a poem. This poem is about the role played by a teacher. According to this poem, when an individual is uneducated, he is assailed by darkness, numbness, and gloom. He finds guile everywhere and no innocence. Through this poem I have tried to convey this message that education is the movement from darkness to light and a teacher is the one who illuminates our soul and eradicates the darkness.

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Teacher, The Panacea


Published: May 2018

Why is there darkness all around?
Why with numbness am I bound?
O gloom! How savage is your presence!
Why is there guile and no innocence?

My soul yearns for light.
Oh Lord! Let my soul burn bright.
Give unto me knowledge, wisdom, and a goal.
Light a flame, illuminate my soul.

"Divine Being!" said the Father.

"Education is the fire
that takes you higher.
Teacher is the being
who illuminates your being."



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