Dream Poem

Poem About Embracing Who You Are As A Woman

I wrote the first draft of this poem a while ago while feeling inspired to write about what it is I want of myself. I felt unsure of who I really was, and my worth was in question too. Now that I have read it again and done re-editing, I feel re-inspired, especially since I recently have been feeling all this uncertainty about myself and what I'm capable of. It has managed to bring things back into perspective. I also know that everyone has a different vision of themselves.

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I Wish To Be


Published by Family Friend Poems November 2021 with permission of the Author.

The woman I wish to be
She's flawless in her step
And graceful in her actions
She's unafraid of her abilities
And understands all that she is capable of

The woman I wish to be
Doesn't let criticism step into her mind
She owns her life and looks it in the eyes
She sees no barricades in her way
But rather stepping stones to better days

The woman I wish to be
Never compromises her life for a man
And couldn't care less for those who disapprove
Of her living life the way she can

The woman I wish to be
Is influential with a heart of gold
And even when strife echoes around her
Her love never withers like the old

The woman I wish to be
Sees the beauty all around her
And touches the stars
With her very eyes

The woman I wish to be
Lives so truthfully
Each day she owns, and night she prays
She's the perfect silhouette of modesty

The woman I wish to be
Trusts herself and lets love in as it be
And when she consoles others
She creates assurance that proves her to be trustworthy

The woman I wish to be
Somehow I just know
Is deep within me


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