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Leaves are everywhere. We see them everyday. People are the same. Notice the parallel...

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The Life Of A Leaf

© more by Paul Holmes

Published by Family Friend Poems February 12, 2023 with permission of the Author.


I slowly unfurl to the wide World
Stretching up to the blue sky
And sense an early morning chill
Of Spring waking a natural high.
Each day grows a little warmer
As the daylight hours extend
Making this leaf feel fresher,
To the bright sunlight I bend.


I’m at my most greenest now,
Hot sun burns upon my veins;
How glad am I to finally enjoy
Those cooling, copious rains.
At which point, I pour in drips,
A refreshing, rousing trickle
Falling on grass and buttercup,
Teasing them with a tickle.


Mists have now arrived,
Shrouding my form with heavy dew;
The green has all but leached away,
Bled from veins no longer new.
Down below the tree are vivid reds
Browns and translucent golds
Which, increasingly each day now
People their captivation holds.


The first frost of Winter
And a biting, northerly breeze
Cut into me, and scores of others
Were torn from their trees.
I’ve fallen now, to the ground
All wrinkled, and utterly fragile
Awaiting my final hour
Until, I meet my funeral pile…


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