Humorous Poem

A Practical Joke Backfired

Based on a true story. A typically Australian story. The snakes were all recovered and returned to their creek, but important lessons had been learned.

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The Snakes At School

© more by Pamela J. Langdon

Published by Family Friend Poems April 2020 with permission of the Author.

It wasn't that we hated school.
The creek enticed us more.
My mate and I hung out there
To chase frogs, catch fish, explore.

One day we built a fortress,
Moved rocks and tied some stakes.
Then we saw a wondrous sight -
A ball of baby snakes.

We should have pondered longer,
But we thought our find so cool.
We stuffed the snakes into our bags
And took them back to school.

Just as the school bell jangled
And the halls began to fill,
We flung the snakes along the floor.
Then screams rang loud and shrill.

We expected just a ripple,
A tiny bit of fun.
Some girls might get a little fright
And some may even run.

Instead, it was a tidal wave.
Chairs and lockers tumbled
As kids and teachers panicked.
Our confidence soon crumbled.

The hallway was a war zone.
The floor all strewn with rubble.
Though the baby snakes were harmless,
We knew we were in trouble.

Our tender ages saved us.
We learned we crossed a line.
They talked of court and consequences
And preached "moral decline."

But we learned some worthy lessons
Though were left in some confusion.
When our penalty for wagging school
Was to get a week's exclusion.

And though we were repentant
And we did receive a fright,
Others often broke the rules
And their punishment seemed light.

They swore and called the teacher names.
We saw them fight and smoke,
But we learned that day the greater sin
Was to play a practical joke.


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