Poem about Life Struggles

I’ve spent my entire adult life struggling with anxiety, always worrying about the worst case scenario. Even now I don’t know how to love something without being terrified of losing it. If I’m honest, some days I feel like I’m built entirely of glass.
But I think there may be something profound in suffering; in the realisation that you’re stronger than you thought. I think back to the things I’ve been through, and while those experiences left their mark, I take solace in the fact that I’m still here; still pulling breath into these lungs. Maybe strength is a label that’s only earned from resilience; from enduring.
The truth is, I had no idea how much I could take until the world showed me. There is strength here, even if I never wanted to find it.

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The Strength In You

© more by Blake Auden

Published by Family Friend Poems April 28, 2021

There is
a strength in you
you haven’t even
begun to find.

And that’s often
how life works.

You won’t know
how strong you are
until the world
forces you
to look.


Blake Auden is a poet and lyricist based in Brighton, UK. His debut book Tell the Birds She’s Gone is now on its third print run, and his second collection, Beekeeper, was released in September 2020.


more by Blake Auden

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