Earth Poem

Poem About Earth's Natural Beauty

We tend to overlook what our Mother Earth has to give us. This is a poem appreciating it

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The Third Planet


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2016 with permission of the Author.

When you see the green mountains,
And feel the lush valleys,
Know that they're all yours.
Cherish them; the more you will,
The more you'll be thankful,
For the time you spent between them.

As you look over the blue waters of the ocean,
Remember to smile.
Look out for the fish swimming.
Embrace this beauty,
See it all,
For all it is ours and ours only.

When you look upon the shining stars,
Be eager to know how they were made.
Learn about space and time.
Treasure the grace of the burning orbs,
And then create a connection,
For they resemble your love.

As you peer onto the grassy plains,
Look out for the mighty lion.
It has a better eye than you do
And a roar mightier than you've ever heard.
If your eyes ever get a chance,
Glance toward the sky,
For it shows what we've got.

This is not all;
The beauty on Earth is widespread.
Learn to respect it,
And it'll embrace you instead.


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