Earth Poem

Metaphor For The Cycle Of Life

I work as a paramedic and like to be inspired by depth and meaning. More focus in society ought to occur around the importance of being creative and the unique gift of oneself that each of us has to offer. I wrote this poem about 17 years ago.

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The Tree


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2018 with permission of the Author.

Once a tree spoke to me in words of color and grace.
It said to exist it had to persist in its purpose to have its place.
In hues of green it said it had seen many a year and season
With interesting features like other creatures, which added branches of reason.
Diversity flourishing, nature nourishing participants on life's stage.
Constantly changing and rearranging turns the evolutionary page.
Death and birth for mother earth, two sides of the same coin.
Are lessons learned when the tree is burned? In front of the hearth they join
To warm their feet in its radiant heat it protects and it shelters,
And mother earth's womb feeds its seeds to once again shade when summer swelters.


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