Spiritual Poem about Nature

Our Connection To Nature

This is my first rhyming poem. I wrote it as a way to express my need to travel and my connection to the world around me.

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The Wild

Ebony Black © more by Ebony Black

Published by Family Friend Poems November 2020 with permission of the Author.

I am a bird flying high and free,
A sleek grey dolphin in a shimmering sea,
A tawny lion with long sharp claws,
And a stealthy crocodile with powerful jaws.

I am the rain falling from the sky,
A bolt of lightning, never shy,
A rumbling earthquake way down deep,
And a crescendo of wind stopping you sleep.

I am a horse, hooves pounding the ground,
A streak of red, paws not making a sound,
A tiger hunched down, stalking its prey,
And a gentle cow, asleep in the hay.

I am the fire they try so hard to tame,
A tiny spark to a roaring flame,
A dozen waves crashing on the shore,
And an unknown beast on the ocean floor.

I am the cry of the wolf to the moon,
A ripple of heat in the month of June,
A swirl of blossoms falling from the tree,
And a soaring eagle's mournful scree.

I am a river in a far-off land,
A plethora of pebbles in a bed of sand,
A jagged mountain standing tall,
And an expanse of snow poised to fall.

The call of the wild is in my soul,
A song, a whisper, making me whole,
So I must go as I'm told,
To chase the stars before I'm old.


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