Sweet Love Poem

Tell Me Everything About You

I had written this poem many years ago for my boyfriend, who is now my husband.

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Together We Can Endure

© more by Joydip Dutt

Published by Family Friend Poems February 13, 2023 with permission of the Author.

I want to know you inside out,
I want to know it all -
It doesn't matter if it's important
Or if you consider it to be small.

Tell me all your secrets,
Tell me what makes you, you.
Tell me things you won't tell others -
What you have gone through.

Tell me what upsets you,
Tell me what you lack.
I won't tell it to anyone -
Dear, I've got your back.

Tell me what annoys you,
What makes you mad,
Things that you regret
Or things that make you sad.

Tell me all the reasons,
The reasons why you cry.
Let me make you laugh then;
At least let me try.

I don't know about future,
But this much you can be sure,
No matter what life brings you,
Together we can endure.



Joydip Dutt was born and brought up in Kolkata, India. After completing a degree in English, she started working as a content writer and currently works as a freelance writer. Even though she has loved poetry since childhood, she didn’t start writing it until 2015. Joydip Dutt is one of the pen names she uses – this particular name was borrowed...

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