Earth Poem

A poem I wrote for my Senior Writing class.

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Trust In Rubble


Published: October 2012

There lays the long stripe of his body,
nestled between two rows of houses
Path of silver light falls on cracked asphalt,
rivulets of mercury in invisible spectrum
The translucent glow permeates the air,
saturating everything it touches
There he lies, ever watching, ever waiting,
scratching the fools who attempt to destroy him
Crumbling black surface, young by our standards,
old by theirs, insignificant to everything else
The slow reverberation of his imperceptible bass,
rumbling through the length he stretches
The coarse, grainy hide he wears,
Rough to the touch,
but easier to traverse
He has seen many,
children, with unmediated energy
workers, not safe, but no longer solitary,
old men, tasting and drinking, drinking and tasting
all unconsciously praying he'll hold them up.



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