Earth Poems

Earth Poems

Poems for Earth Day

The earth is the only planet in our solar system that humanity can comfortably inhabit. The earth is a paradise for the creatures that live on it. Every species on earth has its place in the circle of life. Human beings need food, clothing, shelter to survive. All of these are provided in ample supply on earth. It is an unfortunate fact the we have not taken good care of the land that has been placed in our guardianship. Hopefully, it is not too late.

Poems about Earth and the Environment

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  1. Who Has Seen The Wind?

    Who has seen the wind?
    Neither I nor you:
    But when the leaves hang trembling,
    The wind is passing through.

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  3. Between Earth And Sky

    Nature Is Healing

    Between earth and sky
    Cities rise, old ways die
    People wander, searching far
    Wishing upon every star

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  4. In The Solitude Of The Forest

    in the solitude of the forest
    let your heart hum

    earth will listen

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  6. Do You Dare?

    Making The World A Better Place

    A world of peace, a world of hope.
    Not full of violence, crime and dope.

    I want all that's bad to be stopped in its tracks.

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  7. My Loyal Friend

    A Lovely Old Tree Outside My Window

    Outside my bedroom window
    Stands an old majestic tree.
    She's been standing there for decades,
    Just as proud as she can be.

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    I'm reminded of a similar experience. When I was a young boy there was a pear tree on the edge of a field a couple hundred yards or so behind the house I was born and raised in. I would go to...

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  8. The Tree

    • By Paul T. McMahon
    • Published: June 2018
    Metaphor For The Cycle Of Life

    Once a tree spoke to me in words of color and grace.
    It said to exist it had to persist in its purpose to have its place.
    In hues of green it said it had seen many a year and season
    With interesting features like other creatures, which added branches of reason.

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  10. The Spell Of The Yukon

    I wanted the gold, and I sought it;
    I scrabbled and mucked like a slave.
    Was it famine or scurvy—I fought it;
    I hurled my youth into a grave.

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  11. The Third Planet

    • By Naqiya H. Shehabi
    • Published: August 2016
    Poem About Earth's Natural Beauty

    When you see the green mountains,
    And feel the lush valleys,
    Know that they're all yours.
    Cherish them; the more you will,

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  12. Ode To An Alaskan Marsh

    • By Charles Hemmelgarn
    • Published: December 2014
    Poem About The Beauty Of Alaska

    I know a place where the tall cotton grass blooms and blows,
    where the fireweed blazes and the nodding cattail grows
    a haven overgrown with ruddy cranberry and spongy moss
    emitting their tart scent the playful breeze does toss.

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  13. A World Without Rain

    • By Elijah O
    • Published: June 2014
    Poem About Rain

    In a world without rain,
    all the grass turned brown,
    trees cracked and burned,
    clouds disappeared,

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