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  1. 21. Live In The Now

    This is a lesson I learned about not living in the past nor being kept in bondage to regrets about yesterday's mistakes.

    Encouragement To Live In The Moment

    Look not back on yesterday
    or what you have left behind.
    For only today is yours to claim,
    and this moment only is your time.

    Fret not on what has been
    or on what has passed you by.
    Yesterday is far behind you.
    You can't change it if you try.

    New opportunities await you.
    They come with each new day,
    so look ahead with faith and hope,
    and blessings will come your way.

    Keep faith alive in your heart.
    Live full and live well each day.
    Do all the good for all you can
    to all those who pass your way.

    Yesterday is out of your reach
    and tomorrow is not yours to claim.
    Only this moment belongs to you.
    So use it wisely, in Jesus' name.

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    Very easy read. Very good content. Advice I agree with. It can be hard for me to leave yesterday behind, but I can't relive it. So, I access it for what I did well and wrong. I try to learn...

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  2. 22. Your Wounds

    You Are Stronger Than Your Scars

    Time doesn’t heal wounds
    to make you forget.

    It doesn’t heal wounds to
    erase the memories.

    Time leaves you with a scar
    to remind you of how you fought through it.

    Time leaves you with a scar
    to remind you of how you bled

    and how you survived.

    You survived.

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    Very nicely done. I totally agree with you. I've used this same approach in my own life. I think sometime we pay more attention to what we're about to go through instead of how much you've...

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  3. 23. Believe In Yourself

    • By Sagar
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009

    This is a poem for inspiring people of today to march toward their goal and achieve it. There is a saying: "If there is a will, there is a way," so "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF" and you will get 100% success in your life.

    Read this and feel the difference in your attitude.

    The Power Of Self-Belief

    Believe in yourself and you can achieve
    Things you never thought possible.
    Believe in yourself and you can discover
    New talents hidden inside of you.

    Believe in yourself and you can reach
    New heights that you thought immeasurable.
    Believe in yourself and you can elucidate
    The problem that defies every solution.

    Believe in yourself and you can tackle
    The hardest of all situations.
    Believe in yourself and you can make
    The complicated things seem simple.

    Believe in yourself and you can enjoy
    The beauty of nature's creation.
    Believe in yourself and you can learn
    Skills of gaining knowledge from experience.

    Believe in yourself and you can discern
    New depths in your life.
    Believe in yourself and you can perform
    Way beyond your expectations.

    Believe in your aim and work towards it,
    With elation, determination and dedication.
    Believe in yourself and you'll feel blessed,
    As you are God's special creation.

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    Believe is my favorite word from the Bible. Thank you for this. It reminded me today of people and equality. Remember next time you get down on your luck that each of us are equally as...

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  4. 24. If You Believe

    This was inspired by an experience I had in school years ago. A long story, but I emerged with an uplifting lesson I often share with students: Faith in God with diligence - against all odds - works wonders.

    Striving On With Persistence

    When your mind is set
    On a splendid thing you want to do,
    There are some who will shrug,
    Like you don't have a clue.

    When you proceed,
    Some will say it can't be done
    And that there is really no need
    For you to take it on.

    And halfway through,
    Some may deem your progress small,
    Or others will ask if what you're doing
    Is even worthwhile at all.

    But when you succeed,
    Then with flattering tongue,
    The same folks will say they knew
    That you'd do it all along.

    Now, folks may mean well
    When they say it can't be done,
    But then who is to lose
    If they are actually wrong?

    But if you take note of why
    Some doubt your point of view
    And stick close to those
    Who see the strength in you,

    If you put your faith in God,
    No matter how tough it may seem,
    If you work hard, if you believe,
    You will achieve your dream.

    For what others think,
    Whether or not you're strong or smart,
    Sometimes, doesn't really count
    As what you believe in your heart.

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  5. 25. Time Goes By

    I wrote this poem as I considered how often it is that we go through life assuming and judging others, while we do not fully understand their actions. At the time I wrote this poem there was a lot of distress in my family, and I realized that so often we become disconnected, angry, and hurt that it impacts our relationships. The poem speaks of forgiveness and understanding that we only have individuals in our lives for a certain amount of time and that it is better to heal rather than to blame.

    Living With Strength And Love

    Time goes by and slips away
    Just as the sky turns from blue to grey.
    We are here but only for a short stay.
    Don't let life pass with words you never say.

    Don't live in anger, with fear and regrets.
    Seek forgiveness and lay your pain to rest.
    Don't judge too quickly, as you may be wrong.
    Instead, choose to live life as an uplifting song.

    When tears fall, wipe them away
    As they will only last but for a day.
    Sometimes we hurt because we care.
    Sometimes life seems unfair.

    We make mistakes we wish we could change
    And wonder how our life could be rearranged.
    Second chances last only for so long, reach out to others
    As we are all sisters and brothers.

    There are angels in heaven that watch us every day.
    They look over us as we laugh and play.
    Live with joy, and when you lie down at night,
    Thank the Lord and release any strife.

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    I was touched by this poem because it reminded me of my relationship with my son. He was adopted and loved so very much. I was with him every day. He had his struggles growing up, but I did...

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  6. 26. A Voice Behind

    • By Pearlyn
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2015

    Hope you like this poem. Never rest without success

    Poem About There Always Being Hope

    When into sorrow, my poor soul sinks
    When a sound of despair in my heart rings
    I'm strongly pushed to do my best
    By a voice that says, "There is still hope you dare not rest."

    When chains of sorrow surround me well
    When in my self, I feel like hell
    I'm forced to face life with its tests
    By a voice that says,"There is still hope you dare not rest."

    When I just feel like crying aloud
    When all my worries rise like a cloud
    I'm guarded safe like a bird in its nest
    By a voice that says,"There is still hope you dare not rest."

    From all my fears, I now am free
    I'm good and strong, I could clearly see,
    But can anyone say, is it from east or west
    That I hear the voice, "There is still hope you dare not rest."

    With hope and courage, I just am full
    Because of the voice, that gave me a very strong pull
    It's my loving God, the unseen guest
    Who says,"There is still hope you dare not rest."

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    It is must-read poem for people who dream and dare to work for its fulfillment. One would experience all kinds of struggles on this path and have to be very strong, enduring all pain,...

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  7. 27. Enjoy Life!

    • By Mae
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2016

    Life passes just once; we have to make the most out of it.

    Inspiring Poem To Make The Most Of Our Lives

    Life's too short to be wasted.
    It passes just once, so make the most out of it.
    Live life the way you want it to be.
    Live it to the fullest, feel free!

    Live as the sun shines in the sky.
    Live as high as the birds can fly.
    Live as the colors of a rainbow.
    Live as far as the clouds can go.

    Never waste it with worthless doubts and fears,
    With insecurities and useless tears.
    Remember that what couldn't tear you makes you strong.
    Put away frustrations, sing your own song!

    Believe in what you can do.
    The world is round; it's all up to you.
    Think fast, act now!
    Time is gold; it couldn't be renewed.

    Value experiences, learn from mistakes.
    Improve for the better, live for others.
    Do what is right and what is best.
    Always be yourself, unique from the rest.

    Laugh as if there's no tomorrow.
    Dance as though you'll never get through.
    Love with all your heart and soul.
    Sing like you're on the top of the world.

    Forget the money, the root of all evil.
    Treasure your loved ones; you're lucky they're still there.
    Strengthen your faith, live with God.
    The best things in life are for free, so why not?!

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    Great poem with a feel good tone to it, good work.

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  8. 28. Trials

    • By Alexis M. Vogler
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2016

    I chose to write this because I am going through a hard time. Maybe it will help someone else.

    Strength Through The Hard Times Of Life

    Sometimes you may think you're alone,
    And your feelings make you seem like a clone.
    Deep down you are whole,
    Not an empty bowl.
    Someone loves you,
    And all the words they say are true.
    Trust in yourself
    To be strong
    And true and whole and mighty.
    This time will pass;
    It's just a trial.
    Just walk down this aisle,
    Head held high;
    You're strong.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Life has never been easy for me. I was born into a broken home, and I suffered a lot of things.

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  9. 29. Don't Quit

    Are you depressed or down in the dumps? Do you want to give up on your goals and just quit? If this applies to you, this is exactly what you have been looking for to motivate you to come back even harder and achieve your dreams.

    Motivation And Inspiration To Fulfill Your Dreams

    When times are hard, you might stop for a bit,
    But it's not over until the moment you quit.
    On a river's bridge, failures are the planks;
    Take one step at a time until you reach its banks.

    Don't give up on your dreams; chase them instead;
    You will find, one morning, as you wake up from bed,
    That you are the person about whom you dreamed,
    And you can reach great heights, impossible though it seemed.

    When things go wrong and your back is to the wall,
    Try to stand up; no more can you fall.
    Life is full of ups and downs; take them in your stride.
    You will discover your little star hidden inside.

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  10. 30. I Will Prevail

    My name is Phil Harris. I am 24 years of age and I reside in Georgia. This poem is one of the best out of a book I am writing called "Inspirations in Life." I have been inspired many ways in life to never allow anyone to cause me to remember that I have a dream that I can achieve. I hope to have the whole book completed within the next month.

    Poem Of Determination

    I have been told that I will never exceed.
    I have been told that I am living in a dream.
    I have been pushed to the side by many of my peers.
    I have heard of the struggles that were present before me.
    I have heard others speak of the struggles they were presented with.
    I have accepted I can't change everything in my life.
    I know the things that can be changed will take time.
    I have watched many come and fall.
    I have seen those who have raised to riches fall to pennies.
    I have started a goal.
    I have told myself that I will prevail.

    I have seen the evil in life.
    I have once been a victim to this life.
    I have learned that the only thing that can hold you back in life is living for the past.
    I refuse to give up without a try.
    I refuse to let anyone tell me that I can't reach the sky.
    I refuse to live for today.
    I will always prepare for tomorrow, even though it is not guaranteed.
    I will refuse to allow anyone to change my heart.
    I believe that God will lead me to a higher place.
    I believe that change has been accepted for my life.
    I believe that someone is watching over me.
    I will prevail.

    I apologize for the struggles others may have faced.
    I refuse to allow myself wait.
    I know that many have never received an apology for the struggles they have faced.
    I hope that you accept this from me as I am speaking through them to you.
    I know that for many of you this is the reason
    You have given in to the belief that you can't exceed.
    I will continue through the obstacles that step in my way.
    I will ask for guidance every day.
    I will not give up.
    I will not give in.
    I will not look back.
    I will not expect that this is all my life is meant to be.
    I will continue.
    I will prevail.

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    This poem hits me right smack in the heart. I feel it in the depts of my soul. You see, I lost my son, my only child coming up on 9 years. He was only 20 years old. And he was such an old...

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  11. 31. While You Weren't Here

    • By Janet Michael
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A poem written by a woman who was abandoned by an important person in her life. Though the experience has made her a stronger person, she sometimes wishes to go back to the time when this person was in her life.

    Emotional Poem About Coping After Abandonment

    While you weren't here
    I cried every night.
    A million tears fell,
    Still my heart wasn't right.

    While you weren't here
    I did what I could,
    Hoping against hope
    My decisions were good.

    While you weren't here
    I gained some in age.
    Things just went on
    And life turned a page.

    While you weren't here
    I just tried to go on,
    Knowing what didn't kill me
    Would only make me strong.

    While you weren't here
    A whole lot got changed.
    My life became different,
    My world rearranged.

    While you weren't here
    I had to learn to be alone,
    To stand on my two feet,
    To make my own home.

    So that's where I am now,
    At this stage of my life,
    Still scared and alone,
    Still coping with strife.

    And oh how I wish that
    Things could be different,
    That I could go back
    To a time in the past,

    To a time before
    You weren't here.

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    This poem hit me like a truck. My mum's around, but she's never had an emotional attachment to me. My dad's a loser somewhere. I struggle daily with my feelings and am struggling after my...

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  12. 32. Black Is Beautiful

    • By Sharon D. Brown-Rogers
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A woman expresses her love for the color of her skin.

    Poem About Self-Worth

    Black is
    Black is as beautiful as a bed of milky white clouds.
    Black is as beautiful as soft as a newborn baby hair.
    Black is as beautiful as standing up for what is right.
    Black is as beautiful as trying on grandmother's classy hats.
    Black is as beautiful as you and I saying Hi!
    Black is as beautiful as two sisters walking hand in hand.
    Black is as beautiful as wading in a pond on a hot summer day.
    Black is as beautiful as you holding your baby for the very first time.
    Black is as beautiful as saying I miss you.
    Black is as beautiful as going fishing with your dad.
    Black is as beautiful as calling your mother on her birthday.
    Black is as beautiful as two brothers playing basketball.
    Black is as beautiful braiding your sister's hair.
    Black is as beautiful as grandpa taking you to the park.
    Black is as beautiful as the sweet sound of a saxophone playing.
    Black is as beautiful as eating mom's never fail caramel cake.
    Black is as beautiful as the bright rising sun.
    Black is as beautiful as a simple kiss placed on the forehead.
    Black is as beautiful as lilies on Easter morning.
    Black is as beautiful as saying I love you.
    Black is me and I AM BEAUTIFUL.

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    Latest Shared Story

    It really touched me and I am going to use it to motivate and encourage others. Some of our black brothers and sisters hate themselves because they are black.

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  13. 33. What Matters Most

    • By Louis
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2017

    I wrote this poem while I was in jail. I missed a lot of things while I was gone, and the one thing that I missed that really gets to me is my daughter's graduation. I've done a lot of soul searching and looking for answers, and what I've come up with is that there is nothing more precious than time. You can't turn it back and you can't start over. I have a lot of guilt, but life is a learning experience, right? So I'm going to turn this into a positive thing.

    Graduation Poem To Daughter

    Embrace who you are,
    And love like a fool.
    Try not to judge,
    And never be cruel.
    Hold your head high,
    And never look back,
    Give all you can,
    And never hold back.
    Laugh like a clown,
    And cry like the rain.
    Remember with the price of peace
    There sometimes comes pain.
    Always care for your family
    Because too soon they're gone.
    Forgive and forget,
    And try to live on.
    Face all your fears,
    And try to be brave.
    If you remember love is the answer,
    Then you'll always be saved.
    Don't compare yourself to others,
    Or you'll always be vain.
    Remember you're one of God's flowers,
    And none of them plain.
    You're the light in my life
    And the love in my heart.
    I knew you were special from the very first start.
    When I first held you close,
    And I whispered your name,
    I knew that my life would never be the same.
    I love you, my girl,
    From the very first day,
    And a team of wild horses couldn't drag me away,
    So remember these words on your special day,
    And daddy's girl you'll always stay.

    Graduation Poem To Daughter, What Matters Most

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    Latest Shared Story

    I was reflecting today about my desire to feel like a Daddy's girl. Here I am, in my mid-fifties now, and I still want to feel like a cherished daughter. As my own (largely...

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  14. 34. Don't Wait Until I Am Gone

    • By Jennifer Fernandes
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2015

    My father passed two years ago, within six weeks of his diagnosis. Since both my parents lived with me, I spent a great deal of time with him. I bought him cards just because. I told him I loved him all the time, even when he made me mad. Although I was grieved on his passing, the way we lived gave me comfort, and I was able to let go of my grief in a timely manner. This poem is just a reminder to everyone that life is very precious. We are here today, but what if tomorrow never comes.

    Make The Most Of Time With Loved Ones

    Treat me with love, dignity, respect and compassion
    Now as I am healthy, vibrant and alive.
    Don't wait to hear that I am sick and dying
    To love me the way I was meant to be loved.
    Bring me flowers and candy on any day just because.
    Don't wait for a holiday, love and cherish me every day.
    Tell me I am beautiful.
    See my beauty in my body and soul.
    Don't wait to see that I am disfigured
    And then tell me that I am beautiful
    Because you think that is what I want to hear.
    Talk to me lovingly now so I can hear your beautiful voice
    And listen to the ringing of your laughter.
    Don't try to talk to me that way now
    That I am deaf and can no longer hear your sweet voice.
    Speak words of love and compassion
    So I can remember those conversations
    Even though I may not be able to hear them again.
    Come one day and you will be sad, you will be sorry!
    Treat me like a human being with a life
    That needs to be lived my way...not yours!
    Remember that our Creator gave you your own life
    To live the way you please.
    Leave me to live mine!!
    I do not tell you what you should or should not do...
    I just listen and give you support.
    Why can't you do the same?
    I am this way and you are that way.
    That's because we are different...
    We are unique...can't we compromise?
    Bury the hatchet and move along.
    Free your body, free your soul.
    Let's just take the precious time
    We have now to live and to love...
    Everything else will slowly fall into place.
    Now I am sick and dying.
    You are now trying to love me, to bring me flowers,
    To stroke my hair and to speak loving words.
    Why did we waste all those years, all that time...
    Just to be where we are now,
    Now when I am too weak, too sick to enjoy your gifts?
    Love me now...
    As your sister, your brother,
    Your husband, your wife,
    Your niece, your nephew,
    Your daughter, your son...
    Don't wait until it is too late!
    Don't wait until I am gone...

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    Latest Shared Story

    Wow! This poem is so beautiful and heart-breaking, to be honest. My mom has cancer, and all she wants is for SOMEONE to be around. Anyone. But I get so caught up with my day to day activities...

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  15. 35. I Am Every Woman

    • By Rakhi Nariani
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2017

    I am a single parent who has brought up her daughter, giving her the love of both a father and a mother. I believe a woman has immense strength and power from within. This poem has come from the deepest core of my heart, which speaks for the hearts of all women worldwide. It is a poem that brings to light a woman's power.

    The Power Of A Woman

    A woman is beauty innate,
    A symbol of power and strength.
    She puts her life at stake.
    She's real, she's not fake!

    The summer of life she's ready to see in spring.
    She says, "Spring will come again, my dear.
    Let me care for the ones who're near."
    She's The Woman - she has no fear!

    Strong is she in her faith and beliefs.
    "Persistence is the key to everything," says she.
    Despite the sighs and groans and moans,
    She's strong in her faith, firm in her belief!

    She's a lioness; don't mess with her.
    She'll not spare you if you're a prankster.
    Don't ever try to saw her pride, her self-respect.
    She knows how to thaw you, saw you - so beware!

    She's today's woman. Today's woman, dear.
    Love her, respect her, keep her near...

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  16. 36. Circle Of Life

    I am a student, a learner, a righteous person. I am a poet. I am someone who will sit down on my free time with my own free will and write a poem. When I write, I feel like my whole body is in balance. I am not a person who when disagrees on something will stand up and speak my mind right then and there. What I would do is go home, take out a sheet of paper, and write what I am thinking. Poetry is my refuge, my sacred thing, something no one can take away from me. I am a poet and proud to be one.

    Encouragement To See The Good In Life

    Life is a carousel, always going forward, never going back.
    Existence is a hard thing to keep when you stop trying.
    To live a life, you must want to live.
    To want to live you must find a way.
    When all hope is lost, you must stand tall.
    When all others retreat, you must prevail.
    You are the conscience inside your head.
    You create your own destiny.
    Life is a very hard thing to keep
    When your life does not always go the way you plan.
    Fight for your life and the right to keep dreaming.
    If you feel you were gifted, share your gift.
    If you feel you were cursed, fix it.
    As you get older, your life becomes a challenge.
    Who are you?
    What do you want in life?
    What will you be?
    What is your purpose in life?
    If you worry, these things will turn into burdens.
    But if you hold on to them in the back of your mind,
    All of the answers will come in time.
    Life is a carousel, always going forward, never going back.
    Look to the future, not to the past.

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  17. 37. In The New Year

    • By Trupti Paliwal
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2017

    I wrote it on January 1, 2017, when I was sitting alone in my house. I have so many friends online, but no one is free to talk.

    Live A Better Life

    In this new year,
    Let's talk more, chat less.
    Let's call more, text less.
    Let's meet more, Skype less.
    Let's travel more, collect less.
    Let's care more, ignore less.
    Let's do more, gossip less.
    Let's praise more, blame less.
    Let's share more, accumulate less.
    Let's experience more, fear less.
    Let's love more, hate less.

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  18. 38. Life And Love

    • By Julie Coburn
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2020

    The poem is about life and death and the beauty of it all.

    Life, Love, And The Legacy We Leave Behind

    Life's like a book -- a chapter, a page.
    Remembering our youth as fast as we age.
    Life is a song; we choose what to sing.
    Living is hard; what will it bring?
    Memories we cherish through family and friends.
    Roots never broken; love never ends.
    Life is a gift, so live it today.
    Through struggle and heartache, we still find a way.
    Through happiness and laughter,
    Heartache and tears,
    Good times and bad times,
    Facing our fears.
    From mountains to stars, our atoms are one.
    The body may perish, but the soul lives on.
    Life is the love we give and receive.
    It defines our legacy and the mark that we leave.

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    Latest Shared Story

    An inspirational poem, equipped with sunshine as well as black clouds hovering over our head. A poem so appealing to recite again and again! I love the following lines...
    * Roots never...

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  19. 39. Start Fresh

    • By Ruchi Katendra
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2017

    This is my story. For the first time in a very long time I've had an opportunity to start fresh, so I want to convey my feelings through this poem. This poem is about forgetting the bad things that happened to you and starting fresh.

    Forgetting The Past And Starting Over

    I wanna start fresh...

    and forget this place, the wicked world I live in,
    but not forget how glorious and essential it was to me.

    Forget the memories that make me weak and sad,
    but not forget the memories that are an anchor to my strength.

    Forget the people who caused me pain,
    but not forget those who were with me in heavy rain.

    Forget my past, mistakes, and regrets,
    but not forget the lessons I learned from them.

    Forget the days when I cried silently, not aloud,
    but not forget the same days that make me strong.

    Forget the old me, find myself and explore,
    and emerge and shine as never before.

    This is why
    I wanna start fresh.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Very good words have been given to the stronger self-discovered after failures in life. Such attitude is essential to keep moving in today's very competitive life.

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  20. 40. I Am Not A Victim Of Breast Cancer

    • By Laura Barnes
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2013

    Originally from England, Laura Barnes has lived and worked as a teacher, trainer and life coach across four continents. Laura now lives happily in Gilbert, Arizona, and is the Owner/Founder/Chief Coffee Maker at Your Potential Power, a heart-centered life coaching practice. Laura is also an online instructor at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ. She is currently in training for her June 2012 climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro for charity. Laura would love to hear from you.

    Poem Of Overcoming

    I am not a victim of breast cancer. I am experiencing breast cancer.
    I am not dying. I am living.
    I am not curing. I am healing and restoring.
    I am not fearing. I am loving and trusting.
    I am not fighting. I am ceasing all hostility and conflict.
    I am not weak or diminished. I am strong and whole and complete.
    I am not coping or hoping. I am giving and receiving, creating and conceiving.
    I am not crying. I am laughing until the tears run down my leg.
    My body is not my enemy. My body is my loving friend, my gentle guide.
    My life story is not history. My life story is legendary.
    I am not powerless. I am powerful beyond measure.
    I am not a drop in the ocean. I am the ocean in a drop.
    I am not scattered. I am aligned.
    I am not being destroyed. I am building my sacred stature.
    I am not trapped or caged. I am as free as a feathery fledgling.
    My body is not a muddy puddle of despair. My body is a hallowed temple of spirit.
    I am not filled with shadows. I am filled with illuminating light.
    I am not a passive puppet. I am an active advocate and enthusiastic participant.
    I am not tired and bested. I am tied and invested.
    I am not without a voice or meaning or purpose. I am an angelic messenger.
    I am not discarded. I am needed.
    I am not descending, dragging or faltering. I am consistently inspiring and uplifting.
    I am not dwelling in the reflections of the past or the projections of the future. I am joyfully dancing naked in the unfolding mystery of the present moment.
    I am not alone or abandoned. I am infinitely connected by the soft, silky vibrational threads of love.
    I will not forget. I will remember.
    I will not burn out. I will sparkle forever.

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