Inspirational Poems

Inspirational Poems

Poems That Inspire and Influence

Life is a lot of work. What is it that gives us the strength to continue when we are tired and burned out? Sometimes an inspirational idea can help us renew ourselves and be filled with strength to fulfill our life's purpose. Inspiration comes in many forms. However, the root of all inspiration is the idea that our lives are meaningful. Inspiration is knowing that what I do matters deeply to the universe. When you have the feeling that your actions are meaningful, you will become filled with strength and vigor to fulfill your life's purpose.

110 Motivational and Uplifting Poems

  1. 1. In Harder Times

    • By Sadwick
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 8, 2022

    In harder times we get tired. We get tired of fighting, hoping, loving, etc. We are strong. We are meant to endure. We are meant to see the future. This poem was written during 2020 when the world felt like it as falling apart.

    We Will Grow Stronger

    I know the screams sound like thunder
    I promise we won't go under
    I know the heart feels hollow
    There will be blessings behind the shadow

    I know it's hard to breathe through sorrow
    Today blurs into tomorrow
    I know the voices seem louder
    It seems like this will last forever

    Hold on, please, hold on
    In the end we grow stronger
    We will do this together

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  3. 2. A Life Worth Living

    I wrote this poem for my niece before she was born because I want her to have the best life and live it to the fullest.

    Words To Live By

    I can't wait to hold you in my arms
    And kiss your tiny nose.
    Cherish every moment,
    Knowing just how fast you'll grow.

    In the blink of an eye, time will pass by
    And you'll be a little girl
    Trying to find your place
    Without a map in this big world.

    Every road is unfamiliar,
    Every experience brand new.
    So many paths that lie before you,
    Not knowing which to choose.

    I don't have all the answers,
    But there are tips that I can give.
    If you want a life with no regrets,
    I'll tell you how to live.

    Wake up grateful every day,
    And know that you are loved.
    Be certain that you matter
    And will always be enough.

    Stay a kid for as long as you can;
    Don't try to grow up too fast.
    It's such a short stint in the span of your life,
    So enjoy it while it lasts.

    Always be sincere and honest;
    Consistently stick to your word.
    Stand up for what is fair and right.
    Use your voice and make sure you are heard.

    Believe in yourself and what you can do.
    Be assertive and show that you're strong.
    When you make a mistake, as we all do,
    Be the first to admit that you're wrong.

    Attitude is everything,
    So make yours positive.
    When the hard times fall upon you,
    It's the best way you can live.

    So don't worry about the small things,
    Or cry when milk gets spilled.
    The hard times aren't as hard
    When your glass is halfway filled.

    Be aware of your own beauty,
    Without being vain.
    Your looks will one day fade;
    It's what inside you that remains.

    Dare to be different, your own unique style.
    Live only the story you wrote,
    Be true to yourself and don't let your likes
    Be based on the popular vote.

    Forgive and forget,
    Without keeping track.
    When you hold on to the past,
    The past holds you back.

    Be brave, try new things;
    It's ok if you fall.
    The only way you fail
    Is to not try at all.

    Aspire to greatness,
    Find a passion to pursue.
    If you're willing to work,
    There's nothing you can't do.

    Ignore all the people
    Who tell you you can't.
    And if you have any questions, just ask.
    Love, your Aunt

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  5. 3. Inspiration

    I got my poem "Song For The World" published on your site. "Inspiration" is actually a poem I wrote prior to writing this poem. It was written in my journal during a difficult time in my life. I hope it inspires you to find the song in your heart and persevere and stay strong during hard times.

    You Have A Song In Your Heart

    I lie awake at night
    Hoping that someone can hear my plea

    That someone above can show me
    Something that I can see

    Walking down the beaten path I ask myself
    It doesn't make any sense

    But I hear a small voice inside
    That you can start again

    You have a song in your heart
    Something to be shared

    A dream that's alive
    Just try and you'll get there

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  6. 4. I Believe

    • By Emmah A. Odhiambo
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 5, 2022

    Growth comes with different development stages, some positive and some negative, causing one to develop certain mindsets that can work for them or hurt them.
    I developed mindsets of self-doubt and self-sabotage based on how other people saw me, based on other people's standards of qualification and forgot I was the one living my life.
    But not anymore because I took my life into my own hands, and so can you.

    Believe In Yourself And You'll Accomplish Anything

    Into this world I came,
    The light of the sun,
    On my face I craved.
    In the cool breezing wind,
    Under the moonlight I sat,
    I thought,
    I pondered,
    I knew,
    I was great.

    Slowly they got to me,
    Their expectations,
    I couldn't catch up.
    Their opinions,
    They cut to the deep.
    Their constant watch,
    I became stunned.
    Beauty faded,
    Strength waxed away,

    And then I grew up.
    They mattered no more.
    All the lies I believed,
    Like a flood on sloppy hills,
    I let them run down.
    New mindsets I built,
    Strong confidence I gained,
    Because I knew for the best,
    It was I that mattered.

    Like the Phoenix, I rise,
    From the ashes of doubt,
    From the ashes of contempt.
    Like an eagle I soar,
    To the ends of the earth,
    To the storms that may be,
    Because I have believed
    I have all it takes,
    I have all I need.

    My dreams run wild,
    My imagination unlimited.
    I know what I want,
    I know how to get it.
    Like the sun,
    I shine my light.
    Like the stars,
    My glory prevails,
    Because I have believed.

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  7. 5. Appreciating Life

    Sometimes, the trials and tribulations in life can get in the way of living your life in a positive way, and you sometimes feel it would be easier to give up than to go on. This poem is meant to help you appreciate the life you've been given and to not give away something you would be unable to get back.

    Treat Your Life With Care

    Your life is a gift more precious than gold
    From the day of your birth, your life starts to unfold
    Treat it with kindness and treat it with care
    And the strength in your body will always be there
    If you abuse it as some often do
    An attack without pity is what it will do
    You have many adventures still ahead on life's ride
    And sadly, some sorrows you'll have to abide
    You'll have to accept the bad with the good
    But don't throw in the towel though we know that you could
    You must go on, you must persevere
    Hold on to your life, hold it very dear
    Though sometimes your life may seem to be tough
    The worst that could happen would be to not live long enough
    So treat it with kindness and treat it with care
    And pray for God's love to always be there

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  8. 6. Stronger Than You

    Sometimes our lives can take a road that leads to very dark places. Sometimes we find ourselves pushed into difficult places. Some may take a while to find their exit, their gate, their door to freedom. Some may just stop. But I believe it's strength of mind and soul that are our maps, our guides. Our inner strength can surprise us.

    Stronger Than Depression

    There you are, sneaking upon me!
    From the corner of my eye, you make no sound, but I can see!

    I ignore you're there, but you grow each day.
    I fear if I acknowledge you, you will never go away.

    I've seen the power you have over other people's lives,
    I have seen their struggles and them strive

    To keep you in check, to keep you at bay.
    I've seen them give in and allow you to stay.

    The confusion, the havoc you have played,
    I have seen the pain and the price they've paid.

    Swallowing them whole without a thought,
    Like the helpless fish in the net when caught.

    They squirm and wriggle to break free.
    Yes, I see you there, but you won't take me.

    I will not allow your darkness to consume,
    I will not allow the cloud to linger and to loom.

    I will fight you every day and every night,
    Push away the dark, I will stay in the light.

    I see you there waiting to pounce,
    I will stand strong against your call, I will stand strong and denounce!

    For all the sad, pain, and tears you feed upon,
    Your call to me will forever be long.

    As I have seen too many leave,
    I know better, I believe...

    In mind over matter, however dark the day,
    Life is a better place when you're told to go away!

    So move on and take your darkness too.
    I am now stronger, Depression; I'm stronger than you!

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  9. 7. Your Mindset

    Your Mindset

    I am broken
    don’t tell me that
    I am healing

    I am weak
    don’t tell me that
    I am strong

    I am empty
    don’t tell me that
    My heart is slowly filling

    (now read this poem in reverse)

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  10. 8. Promises To Keep

    • By Hemant Bohra
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 31, 2021

    I am a storyteller, entrepreneur, and author. I am like that high ropewalker with only a pole in hand to balance. At one end of the pole is my heart that seeks inspiration and at the other end is my mind that needs motivation. But I am the one who must balance both while traversing through this world. There is no room for procrastination. I want to live every year in a moment and moments in every year.

    Motivation For A New Year

    We resolve to turn a new leaf in our lives
    Yet go back to whining old ways in no time

    Why do we break promises ever so often
    When we want a better future than our past or present?

    Why do we not care for ourselves
    Yet want a story that the world will tell?

    But if you want to change your story forever
    Inspiration and motivation will have to go together

    An inspired heart can move mountains and cut the seas
    Don't the stories of these people inspire thee?

    Then comes the role of a motivated mind
    If left idle it can behave weird many a times

    Convince the mind before getting down to work
    Else you will have to fight yourself first

    But the protagonist of your story has the biggest role to play
    If you don't care, then nobody will anyway

    So be the change, and script your story your way
    Start with fulfilling the promises you made

    It is said a journey of thousand miles begins with one step
    Likewise, success in future depends on the promises you kept

    We have a long way to go and many promises to keep
    So treasure every moment and every New Year equally

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  11. 9. You Already Were

    You were beautiful
    before they said, you are beautiful

    You were smart
    before they admired your smarts

    You were funny
    before they laughed at your jokes

    You were loved
    before they spoke those three words

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  12. 10. Strength Comes In So Many Forms

    Strength comes
    In so many forms.
    In giving people
    Second chances,
    In giving up
    Painful habits.
    In giving ourselves
    And others
    Life-changing love.
    In giving energy
    To fight for
    The things that matter.
    Strength comes
    in so many forms.

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  13. 11. Forever Keep Your Name

    This poem I randomly came up with. I kind of made it a song first.

    Keeping Your Identity

    Pick up your broken pieces.
    Don't leave them on the ground.
    They're screaming, crying, wailing.
    What a sad and terrible sound.

    Darling, leave behind your worries,
    And leave behind you pain.
    But darling, whatever you do,
    Don't leave behind your name.

    Your heart is an inferno,
    One that water cannot quench.
    Get up and dust yourself off,
    And get out of this muddy trench.

    Darling, leave behind your worries,
    And leave behind your pain.
    Leave behind the places you've been,
    But remember to bring your name.

    Your spirit cannot be broken,
    No matter how hard they try.
    The warrior inside has spoken,
    And it's a rolling battle cry.

    Forget about your worries,
    And forget about your pain.
    But darling, remember to never,
    Never forget your name.

    They'll never force you into chains,
    For you are destined to be free.
    Don't feel the need to fit the mold.
    Be who you were born to be.

    Let go of all your worries,
    Let go of all your pain,
    Let go of all that trouble,
    But don't let go of your name.

    Inside you are a lion,
    Fierce, untamed, and proud.
    On eagle's wings you're flying
    To touch the stars above the clouds.

    Forever leave your worries,
    And forever leave your pain.
    Go walk among the galaxies,
    And forever keep your name.

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  14. 12. Windows

    You’ve probably heard the saying, “The grass is greener on the other side.” This poem captures that sentiment. Often, we look longingly at what others have while looking down on what is ours. The irony is that others see such beauty in what we have.

    I looked through others' windows
    On an enchanted earth
    But out of my own window--
    solitude and dearth.

    And yet there is a mystery
    I cannot understand--
    That others through my window
    See an enchanted land.

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  15. 13. Song For The World

    I wrote this poem after I wrote a poem about a time when I was going through difficult times. In that poem, I mentioned I had a song to share. This poem, "Song For The World," came to me and helped me in my own healing process. I hope that it inspires you as well on your healing journey.

    Peace, Love And Harmony

    If I could sing a song for the world, then it would be
    A song for peace and love and harmony.

    To cherish all the moments we hold so dear
    And only cry those happy tears.

    Let's not use weapons to fight, but fight instead
    To bring together every woman and man.

    That each child grows up and knows their worth,
    So they can shine their blessings on earth.

    Everyone is born with special gifts sent from above;
    It's time to use them all and spread the love.

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  16. 14. Take A Bow

    Take a bow, lovely one.
    Because you’re tired
    And still you’re doing it.
    You’re feeling empty
    And still you’re giving it.
    You’re unsure of yourself
    And still you’re being it.
    You got hit hard
    And still you’re healing it.
    Funds are low
    And still you’re dreaming it.
    Life ain’t so easy right now
    And still you’re loving it.
    The winds are blowing hard
    And still you’re walking it.
    Yes, take a bow, lovely one.
    (You made it to Friday)

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    I'm convinced that those close to you are grateful to know you and to have you around. This is a very uplifting and motivating piece. I like it. Thanks again.

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  17. 15. Renewed By The Morning Light

    This poem is about nature and also about being grateful for each new day and a chance to start anew.

    Start Each Day Anew

    I sit upon my front porch stoop
    Beneath the morning sun.
    Grateful for the moment spent
    Away from everyone.

    The air is fresh and slightly chilled,
    The sky is blue and clear.
    The silence that surrounds me now
    Is music to my ears.

    I love the morning best of all,
    It's my most tranquil time,
    When the promise of a brand new day
    Can ease my troubled mind.

    When second chances seem more possible
    And the world less cold and dark,
    And hope can somehow pierce the walls
    Of my sad and aching heart.

    When left alone with nature
    All the world seems far away
    And the woes of life so trivial
    When wrapped in her embrace.

    But alas the birds awaken
    And begin to sing their songs,
    And people slowly wander by
    And nod as they go on.

    The sun has now grown brighter
    As it rises in the sky
    And in the distance there's a whistle
    As a train goes lumbering by.

    The world is calling out to me
    To jump back in the fray.
    To have faith things can get better
    And let go of yesterday.

    So today I get to start again
    By the morning light renewed.
    Feeling brave and energized,
    There is nothing I can't do.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Wow, I read your words slowly and my heart actually started to ache. So sad and your words expressed what so many of us have endured in recent years. Beautiful, touching, and powerful...

    Read complete story

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  18. 16. I Am A Survivor

    I am not everything
    that has happened to me.
    I am everything I became
    while I healed.
    Stronger but softer.
    Focused but not obsessed.
    A teacher but still a student.
    I am not broken.
    I am beautiful.
    I am a survivor.

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  19. 17. Keep Going

    It's Never Too Late

    Strong people can
    feel weak and
    brave people can
    feel afraid and
    light people can
    feel dark

    Lost people can
    be found and
    hopeless people can
    find faith and
    helpless people can
    be helped

    Keep going
    keep going
    keep going

    It is never too late
    to turn things around

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  20. 18. Even When; Especially When

    Even when you feel like a million scattered pieces,
    you are still whole.
    Even when you’re unsure of the path you’re walking,
    you still have purpose.
    Even when your lover leaves you empty and begging,
    you are still loved.
    Even when you’ve tried and tried and failed and failed,
    you are still worthy.
    Even when;
    especially when.

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  21. 19. The Strongest Part Of Me

    This poem is from Ashleigh Rayl's poetry collection, A Beautiful Difference.

    Even in my darkest moments
    I still have that little voice
    encouraging me to go on.
    To stand up and keep fighting.
    To wipe my tears and pull it together.
    To never give up.
    That quitting is not an option.
    That it will be ok no matter what.
    Without that voice I would be lost.
    I couldn’t make it in this world.
    That is the strongest part of me.

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  22. 20. Daily Reminder That You Are Worthy

    And on Tuesdays you must look at
    yourself in the mirror and say
    “I am worthy. I need to be here.
    And I am grateful I am.
    There is beauty in my life and
    I will find it. There is strength
    in my soul and I will trust it.
    There is purpose in my path and
    I will unravel it. There is magic
    in who I am and I will
    believe in it.”
    And then go climb your mountains
    for today. And go find some
    spectacular views.

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