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  1. 81. Your Day Is Someday

    I think I had mixed feelings about this poem, but the older I get the more I realize that you are giving so many opportunities that you let pass you by, and then you think that it's all over and nothing can be fixed. Sometimes that is true, but while you're young you have to know that when things get hard you don't just give up, because it's the hard things that make you strong... so never forget that Life can be unfair but it's there, and it's worth living.

    Simple gifts of joy
    Are life's special memories
    So many forgotten daily treasures
    Is like someone who won't read a book
    The cover is opened and closed without thought
    As you see every blue sky
    And cloudless day,
    Warm rain, on a sunny summer day
    You walk by as you self-consciously stray
    And so many joyful memories are forgotten
    Just like that they go rotten
    And as the hours go by
    And life goes on
    So many wonders to see
    And you just run by carefree
    As you listen to life's chime
    You stand aside waiting for your time
    But your time is when you realize
    Just what you forgot
    And how you walked into a big ole knot
    And that as you stand aside
    Your future flies by
    Like it will not see you
    And then you hate how it took so long for you to see
    That life's joy was every rotten memory

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  2. 82. The Face Of Sadness

    • By Mariana
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009

    This is a poem I wrote once when I thought I was happy. You know, when there's a moment when you think everything's perfect. Unfortunately, it's another one of those blinding moments of love. Well, I went through this, and it's mainly describing how I was sad (behind the laughs and smiles). It is about how sadness was always there, always fed by my 'love.' But like every happy ending story, I opened my eyes and saw it. Sadness may be painful, but I learned from it. I hope you enjoy it.

    Learning Lessons During Sadness

    It's happened again.

    The moment when I thought nothing would go wrong,
    That everything would be alright,
    That there was nothing to worry about,
    That everything was perfect.

    But just like those other times,
    It didn't last.
    Another moment in life,
    Another piece to the puzzle.
    Slowly completing,

    And showing its face.

    The face that I've been longing to see.
    The face I was always aware of,
    The face I've been waiting for,
    The face I'm conscious of.

    Suddenly exposed into my eyes and heart.

    I stare motionless,
    Although expected, still surprised.
    Calmly, patiently, warmly, silently, soothingly,
    Able to realize that this is what I was sent to discover.
    Sent to vividly recognize what this is all about.

    Not a game but another rationally humane way of living,
    Just another part I must adjust to.
    And when the end suddenly appears,
    I'll be proud to say that I learned something in life.
    Proud to say that I learned something, thanks to you.

    Proud to say I saw the face and learned about it.

    Proud to say that that face was introduced by you,
    Fed by you,
    And lived by you.

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  3. 83. Hindsight

    • By Deb
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    Isn't hindsight a wonderful thing?

    I don't like guns but if I had one I would shoot hindsight.

    It rears its ugly laughing head to make a mockery of you and the choices that you made.

    Leaving you feeling stupid, stupid, stupid - or ashamed, or both and relentlessly thinking the dreaded 'if only' - 'if only'.

    Haunting. Taunting.

    Eating into your brain, it worms out your mistakes and chastises you for your:
    poor judgment
    poor decision making
    naivety (with hindsight I should have checked the spelling)
    lack of foresight
    false hope
    self delusion
    and so on...

    It's not good. I hate it. I don't want it. But I have no choice.

    It chases me, smugly winning the game of hide and seek. Always.

    There is no escape.

    DAMN, DAMN, DAMN! What to do to make it go away?

    Live the pain and the humiliation and the feeling like a maggot and the guilt and the
    knowledge that yet again you mucked (exchange the first letter, if you want to) up.

    It happened.
    Learn from it.
    Move on.
    Get a grip.
    Be wiser.
    Forgive yourself.
    That's life.

    And just maybe, hindsight is a gift?

    And maybe it isn't.

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